Hill’s Science Diet Senior Dog Food Review

science diet senior dog food

Hill’s science diet is one of the top senior dog food brands available today, offering numerous varieties that cater specifically to older dog needs.

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Morris Frank and Dr. Mark Morris Sr collaborated to produce special food for a guide dog suffering from kidney disease who was close to death.


Perfect Weight

Perfect Weight dry dog food was developed with Hill’s unique knowledge of overweight dogs in mind. If your pet has put on extra weight due to illness or weight issues, this formula will assist them in getting back on track and leading a normal lifestyle again.

This grain-inclusive option features chicken meal as the star ingredient, alongside brewer’s rice and other nutritious grains. Furthermore, there are notable fat sources like chicken fat which contains high levels of linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids essential to good health.

Flaxseed, which helps support cognitive and eye function in pups, is the second ingredient. Other components include vegetables, fibers, fish oil and vitamins for overall wellness as well as prebiotic fiber to aid digestion health.

Hill’s Science Diet offers a comprehensive range of dry dog food formulas designed to meet the dietary needs of puppies, adults, seniors, as well as specific ones such as weight management or sensitive skin and stomach care needs. There are even formulas designed for small breeds!

Senior Vitality

As dogs age, their cell function changes and they require assistance. Science Diet offers top of the line senior dog food that contains quality ingredients including antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation while supporting supple coats.

What sets this top of the range senior dog food apart is its foundation in Labrador retrievers as a breed. Not to mention, its highly nutritious content with an affordable price point makes this senior food highly recommendable! To ensure that your pet receives nutritious meals from every bag purchased – both time and money savings will result! To ensure their meals remain balanced for healthiness in future! Read nutrition labels when purchasing bags of dog food to make sure it will meet their dietary needs! It will save both!

Sensitive Skin & Stomach

Science Diet’s large breed formula from science diet provides balanced nutrition to dogs with sensitive stomachs, featuring barley, rice, oat and animal fat for easy digestion as well as digestible fibers and probiotics to support their digestive systems.

Created under the guidance of veterinarians like Dr. Singleton, this sensitive stomach dog food is made in the United States using global ingredients you can trust. Available as both dry kibble and canned recipes – perfect for small breeds!

Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Skin & Stomach for adult dogs is specifically formulated to support their digestive health, with prebiotic fiber to nourish gut bacteria and create a balanced microbiome, plus vitamins E & Omega-6 fatty acids to provide skin nutrition and promote an attractive coat.

Weight Management

If your dog is overweight, Hill’s Science Diet offers food that’s specifically designed to promote weight management and help her shed those extra pounds while remaining healthy. With offerings high in protein and low in fat and carbs, they offer the ideal diet solution.

These formulas contain high concentrations of L-Carnitine, an efficient fat burner which will support your dog’s metabolic health. Incorporating these ingredients with vitamins and minerals provides your pup with everything he or she needs for a long and happy life.

When choosing the ideal diet for your pet, it is crucial that you understand their specific dietary needs at each stage of their lives. Puppies require specific combinations of vitamins and minerals in their diet for proper development while seniors require something with extra glucosamine and chondroitin support for joint health.