Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food Review

hillampamp39s science diet wet cat food

Hill’s science diet wet cat food is a high-quality pet food that provides your furry friend with all the essential nutrients. Not only does it promote healthy digestive health and glossy fur, but it also helps build lean muscles!

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This brand is a go-to in veterinarian offices due to its scientifically developed recipes. Its Science Diet and Prescription Diet lines cater specifically to health concerns like sensitive stomachs or urinary tract issues.



Hill's science diet wet cat food contains a variety of ingredients. The first is meat, providing your cat with protein. The second ingredient is whole grain wheat – not biologically appropriate for cats and often leading to digestive issues when consumed. Finally, corn gluten meal serves as the third component and could actually be harmful if inhaled by your feline friend.

The fourth ingredient is pork fat, which provides healthy animal fats for cats. The fifth ingredient is powdered cellulose, another filler that may negatively impact your cat’s health. Chicken meal, which provides concentrated meat protein in small pieces, follows. Wheat gluten, an additive not as digestible as meat protein, rounds out the list at seventh. Finally salt rounds out this wet cat food formula as a necessary final step.


Hill’s science diet wet cat food isn’t your average pet food aisle staple. Created to meet the needs of pets of all sizes, this high-quality pet food comes in an array of flavors that will please any palate. Plus, with protein-packed treats like chicken or salmon, each item on this menu item contains all the right nutrients to help fight off sniffles. You may have even spotted some of these calorie-free treats at your local grocery store; plus with Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love program, every time you buy one bag of high-quality pet food you are helping dogs and cats find forever homes.

Nutritional value

Hill’s science diet wet cat food is an ideal option for adult cats looking for a tasty treat. Made with premium ingredients, this product provides all the essential nutrients your feline needs to live a healthy and content life.

Cat foods often contain artificial preservatives and fillers, but Hill’s makes a point of only using high-quality natural ingredients that adhere to their company’s Food, Shelter & Love program.

The best part is that a portion of the proceeds go to local animal shelters across America. With 37 wet recipes/flavors in this line, there’s sure to be something suitable for your cat. The most noteworthy ingredient in each is meat-derived fatty acids and fiber, plus antioxidants. Ultimately, quality dry cat food not only meets nutritional needs for your furry friend but also promotes her overall health and wellbeing.


Hill’s science diet wet cat food is a top choice for pet parents looking for an affordable and convenient option. This formula has been specifically formulated to address your pet’s individual needs and promote healthy digestion.

Additionally, this formula assists in maintaining a healthy weight and increasing immunity levels. Furthermore, taurine is added for cardiovascular support in cats.

Hill's has a stringent quality check protocol in place to guarantee its ingredients are secure and of superior quality. It sources its components from North America, Europe, and New Zealand to guarantee this assurance.

Their research and development department is composed of veterinarians, technicians, and Ph.D. nutritionists. Based in Topeka, Kansas at a world-class research facility that helps them remain as an authoritative authority on animal nutrition.