Homemade Cat Treats

organic cat treats homemade

No matter the occasion or just to show your cat some extra love, homemade cat treats are an excellent way to show them that you care.

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They’re an ideal way to control the quality of your pet’s treats and save money. Plus, it’s fun for everyone in the family to make together!


Spinach and Chicken Cat Treats by PopSugar

These organic cat treats contain vitamin-rich spinach, boneless chicken and even some egg yolks. You can find the recipe for them at PopSugar if your cat is a foodie; she’s sure to love them!

These deceptively delicious treats require an impressive amount of ingredients and take some time to make, but the wait will be worth it when your feline pal takes her first lick! Plus, you can make extra and freeze them for later in the day or month – they’ll surely be the star of the party!

Tuna and Oatmeal Cat Treats by We Made That

These organic cat treats by We Made That feature tuna and oatmeal to create a nutritious treat most cats will love. Oatmeal is an important source of natural fiber which aids digestion while strengthening teeth and gums for maximum dental health.

These treats are simple to make and require only a few simple ingredients. Plus, there aren’t any unnecessary additives like wheat or artificial preservatives that could potentially harm your cat.

Tuna and Pumpkin Cat Treats by Salt In My Coffee

Salt In My Coffee’s organic cat treats are both tasty and nutritious – the perfect combination! Not only that, but these treats look scrumptious too!

These homemade cat treats are grain free and perfect for your feline friends; unlike store-bought alternatives, they won’t upset their stomach. Plus, they’re easy to make and just the right size for kitty! There’s no better way to reward your furry friend than giving them a healthy treat! Plus, they make great shareable treats between family members! Whether you’re searching for the ideal treats to feed your pampered pet or creating fun educational activities at home for kids, these tasty morsels will surely delight everyone involved!

Tuna Fish Balls

Homemade cat treats are an adorable way to show your furry friends that you care. These recipes are simple to prepare, safe for your pets, and packed with nutritious ingredients that will surely keep them contented.

Salt In My Coffee’s organic tuna fish balls are a delicious treat that your cat will love. Plus, they’re gluten, grain, and dairy-free with no added sugar added.

Sardine Cat Treats

Sardines are an excellent source of omega-3 and easy to digest, providing your feline friend with a tasty treat that won’t add extra fat or calories. These healthy treats will keep them contented and contented!

Make these delicious sardine cat treats with just four ingredients: egg, sardine, coconut oil (if using canned sardines) and dry catnip. Not only is this an easy recipe that your furry friend will love, but it’s also high in protein, vitamin E and iron! Plus it makes for a fun family project where kids can help out while you save money too!

Catnip Tonic

Catnip is one of those herbs so beloved among cats that it’s easy to forget its therapeutic benefits for humans. It has sedative and calming properties which may aid with sleep disorders, anxiety, migraine headaches and stress.

Historically, ginger tea was often served to children who experienced occasional upset stomachs or sleeping issues due to its gentle nature. Additionally, it can be taken as a tonic for digestion after meals for its soothing effects.