How to Choose a Wild and Free Dog Food Diet

Wild and free diets are an effective way to increase your pet’s overall health. Packed full of proteins, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids, they promote weight management while decreasing allergy symptoms.

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This food uses quality ingredients that mimic your pet’s ancestral diet, with protein sources including smoke-flavored salmon, roasted fowl, and bison as part of its makeup.


Free-range and wild game meats are more nutritious than their farmed counterparts

A healthy dog diet shouldn’t consist of solely meat sources; rather, it should include plant ingredients to provide vitamins and minerals as well as being cooked to avoid heat damage. Sunflower oil is highly resistant to high heat temperatures while alfalfa meal provides both protein and fiber; alfalfa meal also makes an excellent source of both. Nonetheless, not all foods are equal: some contain more meat than plant materials needed for heart health – thus leaving some without enough taurine (an amino acid essential to health).

Wild game meats offer more nutrition than their domestic counterparts due to the fact that they have not been fed unnatural diets or administered hormones to accelerate their growth. Furthermore, they are free from antibiotics and animal byproducts which makes them healthier options for both dogs and humans alike. Furthermore, these meats tend to be lower in fat with plenty of iron and zinc content promoting balanced nutrition.

They offer a novel protein source

Wild game meats such as venison and buffalo provide essential vitamins and minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and the antioxidant CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Exotic meats add variety to your pet’s diet while helping decrease food allergies.

The second ingredient is chicken meal, a meat concentrate that provides more protein than raw chicken. Dried peas are another dehydrated source of protein for this kibble; finally flaxseed offers omega-3 fatty acids as well as an abundance of soluble fibers for their enrichment.

This recipe meets all the nutritional standards set forth by AAFCO for all life stages of dogs, with salmon serving as its primary meat source and an array of vitamin and mineral premixes to ensure your pet receives all their necessary nutrition. Furthermore, this product is free from grains which often cause food allergies in pets.

They reduce the risk of food allergies

A limited-ingredient diet is an increasingly popular method for decreasing food allergies. Proteins used in this kind of diet come from animals not exposed to allergens – the most popular being chicken, lamb and beef products; although some manufacturers have started offering unique proteins like wild boar or roasted fowl in order to make their foods more appetizing.

These meats provide your pet with essential proteins and nutrients, including essential fatty acids. Furthermore, their low levels of glycerol can aid digestion while improving coat conditions.

Food with premium-grade animal proteins such as smoked salmon and poultry fat is used, along with vegetables and fruits that provide essential antioxidants, including beet pulp which provides significant amounts of soluble fibers as well as being an excellent source of linoleic acid for intestinal health and blood sugar regulation.

They are easy to digest

This grain-free food is specially designed to meet your pet’s natural ancestral instincts and includes delicious chicken and venison in broth as well as vegetables, fruits, and nutrients for peak energy levels. Furthermore, it’s easy to digest with low sugar levels!

This food includes various protein sources, such as lamb meal and chicken meal. Lamb meal provides rich protein for great flavor profile while chicken meal serves as an effective meat concentrate with more protein content than fresh poultry and additional carbohydrates that make this food filling.

This food is composed of premium-quality ingredients and undergoes hundreds of nutritional, microbiological and mycotoxin tests to ensure its safety. All its ingredients come from reliable vendors and it does not contain artificial preservatives or flavors; furthermore it does not contain corn, wheat or soy which are common allergens for both dogs and cats; additionally this food provides essential antioxidants and omega fatty acids!