How to Choose the Best Dog Food and Water Bowl

dog food and water bowl

Dog food and water bowls often receive little notice, yet they can quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria. At minimum, they should be cleaned daily with hot soapy water or at least scrubbed down using an antibacterial cleaner.

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As part of your efforts to limit bacteria multiplication, try serving only what your dog can finish in one sitting. This should reduce any risk.


Floating Disk Bowl

Dogs have an unfortunate tendency of tipping over water bowls, leaving a mess behind on your floors and creating unnecessary cleaning work for you to do. If this is something your pup does often, consider investing in a weighted or “no-tip” bowl that won’t easily tip over by them or getting one with a raised stand to prevent this behavior – particularly with larger breeds at risk of bloat.

With its waterproof edge strip and floating disk design, this bowl helps control water to prevent spills on floors, keeping them dry. The rise-and-fall floatable plate responds to your pet’s drinking speed to slow water flow safely for them. In addition, its water is protected from dust, hair, and dirt build-up so as to maintain clean and hygienic drinking water at all times – perfect for on-the-go use and travel with your pet – its large capacity holds 1L of fresh filtered drinking water!

Raised Bowls

Elevating your dog’s food off of the ground allows him to eat more comfortably. He doesn’t have to bend his neck as often, which could be problematic for dogs with tight necks or arthritis. Furthermore, raised bowls may aid dogs suffering from megaesophagus – an uncommon neurological disorder whereby muscle tone in their throat weakens making swallowing difficult – as these raised bowls make swallowing meals much simpler for these pups.

Many raised bowls feature weighted bottoms to prevent them from tipping over during an energetic eating or play session, and some even feature an insert notch for water bottles which can be inserted and used to refill when empty.

Measure your dog to find out the optimal height for their raised bowl to prevent him from straining his neck too high, which could result in trouble breathing or worse, gastric dilation volvulus (GDV). Bloat can be fatal for dogs.

Stainless Steel Bowls

Stainless steel pet bowls are among the latest materials to hit the pet bowl market, boasting durability and ease of cleaning, making it easier for you to take water and food on walks, camping trips and plane/car rides. Plus they’re less likely to rust than plastic or ceramic alternatives!

Be mindful, however, of which type of stainless steel you choose; some types contain coatings containing zinc that could prove toxic for dogs in large doses.

Basis Pet is our top pick when it comes to stainless steel dog bowls, thanks to its innovative floating disk that controls how much your pup drinks at one time. When your pup licks the disk, it sinks and releases water – helping reduce spilling and slow fast drinkers down! Additionally, this bowl features non-slip bottom and can even be attached directly to their crate for convenient feeding time!

Bamboo Bowls

Bamboo bowls offer a sustainable solution that won’t leach chemicals into your pet’s food and water supply, plus they look stylish, durable, and are dishwasher safe – not something plastic bowls can say for themselves!

To create a bamboo bowl, artisans harvest bamboo culms or stalks and grind them into wood chips that will then be soaked using natural enzymes or harsh chemicals; making the entire process eco-friendly.

Soaking helps soften bamboo for better machining by softening its structure and softening the grain, and an artisan then applies food-grade adhesive. Dyes and pigments may also be added for unique color combinations; special coatings protect from scratching; eggshells can even be painted onto custom designs! Furthermore, many bamboo dishes are biodegradable. You can find these dishes online or at pet stores in your area.