How to Find the Best Organic Dog Food

Are you seeking a healthier diet for your pup? Organic dog food could be the answer. These meals help combat weight issues and various common canine illnesses.

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Organic dog foods are made with human-grade ingredients that don’t contain hazardous pesticides, artificial preservatives or growth hormones. Plus they often include immune-boosting fruits and veggies for overall wellbeing.


Pupper Fuel

Pupper Fuel is a holistic dog food that uses minimally processed whole grains as its source of nutrition for Fido. Not only is it ideal for dogs with grain allergies or sensitivities, but it can also benefit many other pets and their owners.

It’s also designed with the correct protein and fat levels to promote proper growth rates, plus it contains DHA from salmon oil for brain development.

Additionally, this food contains no artificial flavors or colors and is safe for your pet. With premium ingredients, it makes an ideal choice for dogs of all ages and stages – from puppies to senior canines!

Additionally, this system comes with a selection of supplements designed to promote overall wellness – including an all-natural anti-inflammatory supplement that helps combat bad breath. These supplementary products can be added to any dry or canned dog food to enhance its flavor and texture.

Tender and True

Tender and True is an independent Midwest-based company that specializes in humanely raised animal protein products. Their range of canned and dry foods are all certified organic.

Tender & True Organic Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Canned Dog Food is formulated with balanced proteins and carbohydrates for maximum pup health. Plus, it’s free from grains, corn, wheat, and artificial preservatives!

Its primary ingredient is chicken, sourced from US farmers and humanely raised. Furthermore, this supplement is packed with essential vitamins and minerals like potassium and iron for enhanced wellness benefits.

The second ingredient is pea flour, which provides protein and fiber. Plus, it contains lutein–an antioxidant that improves skin and heart health in dogs.

The third ingredient is brown rice, which provides a healthy source of complex carbs and essential minerals like manganese, zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, and magnesium. When combined with starchy pea flour to increase carb content by nearly 20% on a dry matter basis.


OrgaNOMics is an ideal budget option that boasts a high-quality recipe with lots of protein. Plus, it’s made without gluten, GMO products, preservatives or fillers for added convenience.

Organic foods reduce your pet’s exposure to pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and synthetic fertilizers. Furthermore, they promote more ethical farming practices that protect the natural environment for a healthier planet.

Organic dog food is widely available, but it’s essential to check ingredients and sources to guarantee they are truly natural and unprocessed. You should look out for meat by-products, processed ingredients, as well as harmful chemical preservatives like BHA or BHT.

Organic dog food brands such as OrgaNOMics, Evanger’s, Castor & Pollux Organix and Purina Pro Plan are excellent choices for those who want the highest quality organic pet food at an affordable price point.

Newman’s Own

Since 1982, Newman’s Own has created a loyal base of shoppers who seek out products that not only benefit ethical causes but also deliver excellent service. This model is becoming more and more popular as consumers increasingly look for companies that can truly connect with them on an emotional level.

According to a recent Mintel report, businesses must increasingly focus on how their products can improve the lives of people and animals. Newman’s Own has taken this responsibility seriously by donating 100% of profits to charity.

Fortunately, the company’s charitable foundation has a robust legal structure that permits it to continue giving away 100% of its profits without incurring tax liabilities. Unfortunately, however, that legal structure could be undermined by changes made in the GOP tax bills which could undermine it altogether.

Recently, the company named Alex Amouyel as its new president and chief executive officer. With years of expertise in philanthropy and impact investing under her belt, she will carry forward Paul Newman’s legacy of giving 100% of profits to charities.