How to Get Hill’s Science Dog Food For Less

science dog food

Hill’s Science Diet offers more specialized products for dogs with specific health requirements such as skin, digestion or weight than any other brand. While these foods may be costly, you may be able to save by shopping sales or coupons.

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Adult Small Breed Dog Food is designed to be gentle on your pet’s stomach while supporting his/her healthy skin & coat with vitamin E & omega-6 fatty acids, prebiotics for digestive support, and has even prebiotics to promote overall wellness.


Nutritional Value

The best science dog food recipes offer your pup balanced nutrition to promote his/her overall wellbeing throughout their lives. Formulated by veterinarians and pet nutritionists with your specific pet in mind, these food solutions provide tailored support.

Hill’s Science Diet Light Small Bites can be an excellent option for less active adult dogs that require a low-calorie diet in order to achieve and maintain good weight management and lifestyle. Furthermore, this food offers essential vitamins and minerals necessary for supporting skin and coat health as well as strong bones and teeth development.

Chicken meal is the foundation of this dog food recipe, providing high-quality protein at a high biological value. Brewers rice provides additional calories while providing some nutritional benefit; however, fresh chicken remains more nutritionally dense and biological value-wise higher than this protein source. Following that comes soybean oil – a plant-based fat with lower nutritional value than animal-derived oils; further down is a mixture of other ingredients including peas for natural fiber content.


Hill’s Science Diet offers an assortment of tasty kibble formulas designed to meet every need for your pet. Their food contains high levels of proteins and fats to give your pup energy throughout the day, and also features nutritious grains, fruits and vegetables in its formulas.

Most recipes for dog food are designed with your pup’s health in mind, such as dental care, weight management, food sensitivities or food intolerances. These food are supported by scientific research conducted by veterinarians as well as nutritionists and veterinarians who help formulate them.

Science Diet provides this recipe which is rich in proteins and fats essential for muscle growth, along with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to maintain skin and coat health. Furthermore, prebiotic fibers promote a healthy gut microbiome. Furthermore, the food includes chicken, brewers rice, healthy grains, vegetables, flaxseed and more; making this an excellent choice for dogs with food sensitivities or food intolerances as it doesn’t contain artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.


Science dog food stands out from other pet food by employing biological-based formulas. Their company utilizes a hot extruded process which uses extreme heat to dry and manufacture their kibble, killing bacteria while increasing shelf life of product but destroying many vitamins and minerals essential to your dog’s nutrition.

Most food contains chicken, which may cause allergy issues for some dogs. Furthermore, some items are gluten-free which may lead to digestive upset in many pups such as bloat, itching or diarrhea.

If you want to purchase Science Diet food for your furry friend, online retailers such as Amazon or Chewy offer competitive prices and can save 5% when making repeat purchases with their subscribe and save program. Also make sure to visit local pet stores such as Petco or Petsmart as they frequently run promotions or discounts for their products.


Hill’s is one of the leading brands of dog food, but has been subject to numerous recalls over time. In 2007, they were among many pet food companies affected by melamine contamination that killed thousands of pets; later that same year, some Hill’s canned foods contained high levels of Vitamin D which can be toxic in large doses when taken by humans.

Salmonella-contaminated diets have been linked with cases of human illness (Hoorens 1978 and Kotnik et al 2006). Furthermore, raw-fed dogs have an increased risk of shedding bacteria that encode resistance against extended-spectrum cephalosporin antibiotics such as ceftiofur.

Some individuals have raised concerns that canned Hill’s Science Diet may contain viruses. According to Colgate-Palmolive (the parent company of Hill’s), their dog food is safe. Petful has spoken with Colgate-Palmolive representatives who assure us it should be introduced slowly while always keeping fresh water at hand.