How to Make Dog Ice Cream Treats

dog ice cream treats

Every dog deserves a treat from time to time, and homemade dog ice cream is an easy way to do just that. These treats are made with plain yogurt and fresh ingredients like bananas and strawberries that are beneficial for dogs.

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Blueberry & Banana Ice Cream

Blueberries and bananas make for a nutritious and tasty combination for dogs, making them the ideal frozen treat! Not only are these treats easy to make but they’ll keep your pup cool on hot summer days!

These deceptively easy frozen treats require simply mashing a banana with either a spoon or food processor and adding blueberries. Next, pour into silicone dog-shaped molds and freeze until solid.

These snacks are great for training or as a tasty treat – and they’re safe even for kids! Just make sure the ingredients are low in sugar and don’t contain xylitol.

These low-calorie and gluten free treats come with blueberries as the main fruit; you can substitute any other fruit you like for the blueberries. If your pup can’t digest dairy products, substitute yogurt with coconut milk instead; otherwise, add an optional scoop of natural peanut butter for extra protein and fat.

Yogurt & Honey Popsicles

Make doggie ice cream treats with yogurt using one of your pet’s favorite fruits (blueberries work great!) and then sweeten with honey.

Yogurt helps cool your pet down, while the berries provide essential vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. If you’re making this recipe for your pup, be sure to use organic berries in order to avoid pesticides that could pose health issues in dogs.

These strawberry and banana ice pops are delicious, and you can jazz them up even more by using a dog biscuit in place of the traditional stick. Additionally, you could add peanut butter to coat the banana slices before freezing them.

Make this deceptively simple treat and utilize all of your fresh fruit! Just be sure to use a high quality yogurt that does not contain xylitol – an artificial sweetener which is highly toxic for dogs.

Peanut Butter & Banana Ice Cream

Make this delicious treat quickly and easily using a high-powered blender or food processor. All you have to do is blend frozen bananas with peanut butter until it has the consistency of ice cream!

For this soft-serve texture, it will take several minutes of pulsing and scraping down the sides of the machine. Once your bananas are completely smooth, you’re ready to freeze.

This vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free ice cream is naturally sweetened and perfect for your pup’s diet! You can either serve it right away or store in the freezer for later.

To serve, scoop out small cubes or use an ice cream scoop to portion onto parchment-lined pans or trays. Freeze for at least 2 hours, until firm, then enjoy!

Peanut Butter & Bacon Ice Cream Sandwiches

Dogs around the world can now savor some gourmet treats thanks to Paolltestroll’s new line of dog ice cream. Not only is this frozen treat delicious, but also beneficial for your furry friend’s health!

For this tasty treat, chop up some fully cooked bacon and blend it with plenty of peanut butter and some yogurt. Pour the mixture into a bowl or ice cube tray, then freeze overnight.

Next, sandwich it between two dog biscuits like The Cookie Rookie for an even healthier treat – The Cookie Sandwich! These little sandwiches can be frozen up to 8 weeks for later use; just remember to wrap them in wax paper before serving so they don’t melt too quickly. Plus, not only are these treats fun for both you and your pup to eat; but they’re incredibly simple to make too – don’t forget to make them during National Ice Cream Month in July!