How to Select a 50-Lb Dog Food Container

No one likes giving their pup food that has gone stale; air, temperature fluctuations and moisture all impact its taste and nutritional value over time.

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Proper storage keeps pet food fresher longer while also protecting it from pests like ants. Selecting an appropriate container depends on your storage space requirements and portability requirements.



Storage containers come in various sizes. Selecting an ideal container size for your pet food ensures maximum freshness and maximum convenience, taking into account available space in both pantry and cabinet when selecting a size. Considering wheels could make moving around easier.

OXO Dog Food Storage Container features a push-to-open, lock and seal design for an airtight fit that keeps kibble fresh. Crafted of durable plastic for easy cleanup and storage. Also includes built-in measuring cup with pour spout for precise pouring; unfortunately it does not include a scoop and its rounded edges make storing underneath surfaces less efficient.

When selecting a storage container for your pet, look for one which is BPA-free. BPA can enter their body and interfere with normal hormone production, secretion and regulation processes.


Durability is essential in the design of any 50-pound dog food container, and using durable, food-grade plastics should ensure no contamination to stored dog food or moisture damage to prevent moisture issues from emerging during storage.

Opt for plastic containers equipped with airtight sealing mechanisms to preserve the quality of food for your pet, helping prevent oxidation and extend shelf life. If transporting their meal is an issue, containers with handles or wheels provide easy mobility.

Large storage bins offer convenience when it comes to storing an entire bag of pet food in one convenient spot. Their appealing appearance, mobility and tight lid securement help prevent pests from sneaking in.


The ideal dog food storage containers should be constructed of food-grade material to eliminate odors and preserve freshness of dog food. Look for containers with handles or wheels for easy movement around your house and pantry spaces.

Durable plastic bins with lids offer an inexpensive, safe solution for storing dog food. Easy to clean and compact enough to fit into most cupboards or pantries without taking up much space, they’re sturdy enough to withstand bumps or knocks without leaking and may last for many years without cracking; however, glass or stainless steel containers may offer greater longevity; if durability is an important consideration then consider investing in one of those options instead.


Sealing pet food containers securely will keep your canine’s food fresh by protecting against air and moisture spoilage and rodent access, and pesticide use. Look for containers made of sturdy plastic with easy cleanup procedures; outdoor storage options may require wheels for easier mobility around the yard.

Some containers come equipped with measuring lines and scoops for easy access to food inside, enabling easy measuring. Others are transparent to allow you to see when refills are necessary and assist in helping determine when it is time for refills. It is also important to look for containers which are BPA-free since BPA can leech into food and have negative impacts on health issues in dogs.


Storage containers play an essential role for dog owners. They help extend food freshness by protecting it from spoilage due to pests or moisture, as well as making scooping and pouring easier. The Van Ness 50-pound pet food container is the ideal solution for owners who desire an airtight, durable and easy-to-clean container made of plastic safe for canines with a latch for secure closure that also includes wheels for mobility purposes.

Moisture, air temperature fluctuations and changing air humidity all play a factor in shortening the shelf life of dog foods, according to board-certified veterinary nutritionist Emily Luisana DVM DACVIM of PEOPLE. Selecting an appropriate container is vital in prolonging its shelf life – there are plenty of great choices on the market that can assist.