Wardley Goldfish Flake Food Review

Quality flake food will support the growth and vitality of your goldfish. At Wardley Fish Farms we recommend Aquarian and Tetra brands of flake food; both offer specialty flakes such as herbivore flakes or spirulina for vegetarian fish species like mollies.

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Optimal Blend of Ingredients

Science was applied in creating this delicious, nutrient-rich flake food designed to increase goldfish coloration, growth and vitality. A carefully blended combination of natural attractants, nutritionally enhanced protein source and essential micronutrients such as brewer’s yeast and garlic provide your goldfish with superior nutrition, bringing out more intense colors than competing brands and leading brand. Plus it contains higher levels of digestible fish protein for greater absorption resulting in less waste and cleaner water environments! Use small amounts at each feeding and remove uneaten food daily from your aquarium tank!

High-Quality Marine Protein Diet

Made specifically for Goldfish, this original large flake formula provides your aquatic friends with superior nutrition at less waste and cleaner water levels. Made up of fish meal – an easily digestible source of protein – garlic and brewer’s yeast are included to improve palatability, and this nutrient-rich food promotes natural coloration and vitality while adding beauty to your aquarium environment.

This formula features a premium marine protein diet composed of menhaden, squid, krill, and kelp to ensure an adequate supply of essential amino acids for proper development and balanced eating habits. Furthermore, it includes stabilized vitamin C to promote immune health.

This food does not contain artificial colors or dyes, which may harm fish and cloud water. Instead, it offers an innovative formula with high-quality and digestible protein-to-fat ratio to support normal growth and help clean water while preventing waste and odor build-up – an excellent choice for small community fish such as tetras, rasboras, livebearers and corydoras.