Important Features of Cow Feeders on Wheels

cow feeders on wheels

If you need to transport a feeding trough to a new location, a cow feeder on wheels is an excellent option. The trough is designed to hold round hay bales and liquid food supplements. The trough is made from plywood and can be modified for trailer mounting, skids, or permanent in-place feeders. The design also features a weathervane on top and swivels on the front wheel of an old automobile.

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Farmco cattle feeders

The double wide 700 series DRB feeders from Farmco are designed to feed round or square bales and chopped green feeds. This unit includes a rear entry gate and inverted ‘V’ divider to prevent accumulation in the bottom of the trough. The slanted sides of Farmco hay feeders help you manage your feed more efficiently and reduce waste. The 180deg rotating front dolly ensures stability and weight capacity. The feeder’s EZ Clean-Out hay saver racks make cleaning easy.

Farmco creep feeders

For maximum efficiency, consider using a portable creep cow feeder with wheels. These feeders are equipped with a transportable hay feed wagon. These feeders also come with EZ Clean-Out racks to minimize hay loss. Ultimately, this means greater productivity for your farm, which leads to increased profits. To learn more, read on! Below are some important features to consider when choosing a creep cow feeder on wheels.

Farmco pequea feeders

The Farmco Pequea series of cattle feeders on wheels are designed to provide efficient feeding of livestock. They can handle the weight of round and square bales, as well as grain and forage. They are ideal for feeding up to 52 head at a time, and can be outfitted with optional insert sheets for additional feed capacity. The double trough design of these feeders, as well as their efficient slant-bar system, minimize the amount of feed lost due to push-away cows.

The 45H pasture horse feeder features a 4’x5′ trough with a hay rack above it. This allows the feeding of loose feeds, and it captures loose hay falling from the hay rack. The feed can be easily refilled without spilling over the sides. This is one of the most economical feeding options available. The trough is large enough to accommodate feed in both bags and loose.

Boyd’s combination horse feeders

The versatile and durable design of the Boyd’s combination horse and cow feeder on wheels is great for separating unfriendly horses. Designed for pasture use, the horse and cow feeders can be easily moved around the pasture. The individual feeders are made from 16 gauge steel and feature an extended hay rack. They can also be rolled away for easy storage. These feed troughs are available in a variety of sizes, including 4′ x 8′, 4′ x 10′, and more.