Instinct Original Cat Food

instinct original cat food

Instinct original cat food is a high animal protein diet designed with the philosophy that raw nutrition is best for cats. It includes thoughtfully balanced wholesome ingredients and guaranteed levels of probiotics and natural omegas to support healthy digestion and immune health.

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This grain-free formula is specially formulated to give your cat a healthy, holistic lifestyle – without the use of grains, potatoes, corn, wheat or soy products, by-product meal or artificial colors or preservatives. Let this grain-free formula transform the way they live from the inside out!


Real Chicken

Chicken is one of the world’s most beloved meats, so it’s no surprise that cats enjoy it too. Unfortunately, chicken may present certain health risks for your feline companion.

If you’re feeding your cat chicken, be sure to cook it thoroughly to eliminate bacteria or other hazardous elements in the meat. It should also be free from seasonings and oils.

Avoid giving your cat raw or undercooked chicken, as these can lead to food poisoning. Instead, boil the poultry until it’s fully cooked and serve it in small portions as either a snack or part of their meal.

Real Salmon

Salmon is often an ingredient in cat food, but not always of the best quality. Low-grade fish often contains ground-up bones and guts which may cause kidney issues in cats.

Some cat foods, like Instinct Original Salmon Recipe Grain-Free Canned Cat Food, feature real salmon as the first ingredient. This high animal protein source is carefully balanced with vegetables, fruits and other nutritious components for maximum benefit.

Additionally, Instinct’s organic food formula guarantees levels of probiotics, natural omegas and antioxidants to promote healthy coat and skin as well as a strong immune system – all thanks to their belief in raw nutrition.

Real Beef

Meat from cow, bull or ox is an excellent source of protein, iron and other essential nutrients for your cat. Additionally, it contains taurine which helps cats maintain strong muscles.

Instinct original cat food is made with USA-raised beef as its first ingredient and designed with our belief in raw nutrition to help your feline friend reach his full potential! With this high animal protein formula and grain free formulation, Instinct Original cat food helps unlock your furry friend’s potential to thrive!

This recipe is of high quality, featuring 81% real animal ingredients plus 19% fruits, vegetables and other wholesome foods. The ingredient list is free from cheap starches, fillers and by-products found in lower quality pet foods.

Real Lamb

Cats are obligate carnivores and require a meat-based diet with healthy sources of animal fat. Furthermore, they require protein and essential amino acids in their meals.

Lamb is an excellent source of both. It provides plenty of protein and nine out of the 20 standard amino acids your cat requires to stay strong and active.

It also contains zinc, phosphorous and iron to build strong bones and muscles for your cat as well as support their immunity. Furthermore, EPA Omega-3 helps ease itching and reduce skin allergies.

Real Duck

Duck meat is a protein-rich source of meat that’s an ideal substitute for chicken or beef for cats with allergies. Furthermore, duck provides essential vitamins and minerals like taurine, selenium, and B vitamins.

When selecting cat food, look for recipes with quality protein sources and fewer plant ingredients such as grains. Additionally, steer clear of bulk-adding fillers like by-products and artificial additives.

Real Turkey

Turkey, a species-appropriate protein source, helps your cat build lean muscles and is an ideal choice for weight control. Furthermore, turkey contains important vitamins and minerals like iron for red blood cell production and zinc to support thyroid function.

Furthermore, real turkey is low in fat and carbs – making it a nutritious protein source for both cats and dogs alike.

Cage-free turkey is an easily digestible protein of high quality that provides all essential amino acids. Plus, it supplies phosphorus for kidneys and Vitamin E to support thyroid function. Plus, it contains taurine – an important amino acid known to improve brain and heart health – with every serving.