Kaytee Exact Fusion Parakeet Food Review

Kaytee Exact Fusion Parakeet Food ReviewKaytee Exact Fusion Parakeet Bird Food is an extruded diet for parrots, cockatiels, and cockatiels that is packed with the avian equivalent of “exact nutrition.” This formula supports overall health, improved feathering, and vibrant colors. The ingredients are not only delicious, but the food is also easy to digest.

Kaytee exact natural fusion cockatiel food

For more than 20 years, KAYTEE has been recognized as a leading nutritional brand for parrots, and this is no exception. The fusion formula provides a high-quality, premium extruded diet for your bird. Designed by a veterinarian to meet the nutritional needs of avian species, Kaytee’s bird food combines a variety of natural ingredients that are good for your pet’s heart and brain.

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Another option is Lafeber Sunny Orchard Nutri-Berries Cockatiel Food, which is made with real fruits and vegetables. This premium line provides essential nutrients for your bird, including omega 3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Another affordable, high-quality product is ZuPreem Smart Selects Parakeet Bird Food. With a wide range of flavors and colors, the Lafeber brand is sure to please your cockatiel.

For an even greater variety, try Kaytee Supreme Parakeet Food. This diet is made with a wide range of natural ingredients, including canary grass seeds, peanuts, and other foodstuffs. Because it contains no hard ingredients, it is best for baby budgies. The high-quality protein from real eggs makes this food an excellent choice. And unlike many commercially-prepared foods, Kaytee Supreme Parakeet Food contains no grains.