Leopard Gecko Repashy Grub Pie

Repashy Grub Pie is an insect-based meal replacement gel designed to provide both a complete diet or supplement for insectivorous reptiles and amphibians. Made with 75% cold-pressed Black Soldier Fly Larvae Meal (BSFL), its scent and flavor stimulate an instinctual feeding response in animals that normally only consume live prey.

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Nutritional Benefits

Repashy Grub Pie is an insect-based meal replacement gel mix specially formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of geckos and other omnivorous reptiles, amphibians, and fish species. Packed full of essential vitamins and minerals needed by these animals to remain healthy, this meal replacement provides an excellent way of giving your pet variety in its diet while providing its health needs are being met.

Repashy Grub Pie contains 75% cold-pressed black soldier fly larvae meal (BSFL), produced using insects raised in the USA on high-quality diets, and boasting an exceptional 2:1 calcium-to-phosphorous ratio. One ounce of Repashy Grub Pie requires over 1,000 BSFL pieces while 1 kg has an equivalent nutritional density to over 50,000 mealworms!

This product can be used as either a complete diet or as an add-on/topper on dry kibble. Additionally, it can also be mixed with medications to make their administration simpler and is suitable for leopard geckos, all skinks, fat tail geckos, day and dwarf monitors as well as water dragons or any other aquatic reptiles.

Feeding Instructions

Repashy Grub Pie contains over 75% cold-pressed Black Soldier Fly Larvae Meal (BSFL), an instinctual food source for insectivorous reptiles that display little interest in freeze-dried insects or pelleted foods currently on the market. Its distinctive smell and flavor stimulate an instinctual feeding response in insectivorous reptile species with moving prey that require moving food sources such as insects or pelleted foods currently available on the market.

As a diet replacement, this food can replace live insects for aquatic species like bearded dragons, blue tongue skinks, leopard geckos, frogs, salamanders and others. Or it can simply supplement existing kibble diets.

Mix 1 part Repashy with 2 parts water until a slurry or gel forms; its consistency should resemble that of ketchup. Use this as a gravy topping on existing diets or combine it with medication to make administration simpler; do not heat medications, as heating could compromise their efficacy.


Leopard geckos are crepuscular (active at dawn and dusk), tending to hide during the day and dropping/regrowing their tails when threatened by predators.

They enjoy an environment with humidity levels between 30-40% at the cool end of their enclosure (measured with a hygrometer). A humid hide stuffed with sphagnum moss or damp paper towel will reduce chances of stuck shed around their toes while making your leo more comfortable!

Offer your leopard gecko a variety of live insects as insectivores depend on moving prey for nutrition, exercise and enrichment.

Give 2 appropriately sized bugs for every inch of length for your gecko to feed on, as some individuals might require training or coaxing in order to recognize repashy grub pie as a feeding response.


Repashy Grub Pie was designed as a complete diet, consisting of 75% cold-pressed Black Soldier Fly Larvae Meal. It boasts an aroma and flavor that many reptile species find irresistible; even those that require moving prey and have little interest in freeze-dried insects or pellets on the market have devoured Repashy Grub Pie instantly!

As it can be fed as a gel, slurry or paste and acts as an excellent topper or gravy for dry kibble diets, nutritionally fortified formula is ideal for bearded dragons, all skinks, leopard geckos, agave monitors and other reptiles that eat insects; including amphibians such as frogs and salamanders.

Reptile owners should strive to provide their reptile with a balanced diet consisting of live insects and dried fruit; however, prepared diets may be used as the majority of their food source if feeding an omnivorous or insectivorous species.