Maze Dog Bowl – Turns Feeding Into a Game

Maze dog bowls make feeding fun and encourages us to savor each meal. Not only that, but they also promote healthy eating habits by decreasing the risk of bloat, regurgitation, obesity, and other related health issues.

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Maze dog bowls are the ideal way to slow your pup’s eating speed without becoming too frustrating or confusing for him. Furthermore, these activities help keep their minds active and sharp.


Ethical Pet Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

If your pup has a tendency to wolf down her food, slow feeder bowls might be beneficial. Not only do these prevent choking, bloating and regurgitating her meal but they also encourage portion control.

The Ethical Pet Slow Feeder 10-Inch Bowl is ideal for dogs that weigh up to 70 pounds. Crafted from heavy-duty plastic, it has a nonskid rubber ring on the bottom for added grip.

It comes in three vibrant colors – green, purple and blue – and is ideal for small to medium dogs between 15 to 70 pounds. At an unbeatable price of under $8 dollars, this toy will surely delight any pup!

Slow feeder bowls come in various designs to encourage your dog to eat more slowly. They may require them to solve puzzles or navigate obstacles built-in the bowl, which can also be an excellent way to keep them safe from choking. You can also use them as inserts for existing bowls in order to make them more challenging for your pup.

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Interactive Dog Bowl (Purple)

The Outward Hound Fun Feeder Interactive Dog Bowl (Purple) is an eye-catching bowl that brings form and function together for an unparalleled mealtime experience. With its patented ridges that slow your dog’s food down up to 10x and engaging patterned mazes, this bowl offers your furry friend an enjoyable way to explore their food. Available in several sizes to fit any pup’s requirements, there’s sure to be a size perfect fit.

This high-quality food-safe bowl is BPA, PVC and phthalate free and top rack safe and dishwasher proof! Perfect for any busy dog owner. Available in two sizes to meet your pet’s individual needs: the Fun Feeder Mini and Large. The small one holds just 2 cups of kibble while the larger version can handle both dry and wet diets with plenty of room for treats!

Leashboss Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

If your pup has a tendency to eat quickly, a slow feeding bowl can help protect them from potential health risks associated with speed eating such as bloating, choking and vomiting. When shopping for such an item, opt for one that is secure, long lasting and simple to clean.

For optimal results, choose ridges, trenches or mazes that offer your pup some challenge but are not too complex. Ideally, the pattern should be shallow enough to discourage chewing without being too frustrating for them.

JASGOOD offers a simple bowl with four ridges to keep your pup from inhaling food at breakneck speed. Made from heavy-duty plastic that is both bacteria and rust resistant, the bowl will last for years to come.

The bowl comes in two sizes – mini/medium and regular/large. The mini/medium can hold up to 1.5 cups of dry food, while the regular/large holds up to three cups.

HEXA Dog Slow Feeder

One of our latest additions, the HEXA Dog Slow Feeder has a maze base to make feeding fun and challenging for dogs. This keeps them occupied while they eat and helps maintain their digestive system in top condition.

The HEXA is constructed of heavy human food grade polypropylene in three colors – blue, gray, and orange. It can hold up to 2.5 cups dry kibble and is free from BHA and BHT chemicals.

It also comes with a spill-proof and easy to clean water dish. The anti-slip base is composed of removable silicone mats to prevent tipping over or food wastage.

These bowls are an effective way to help your fast-eating dog learn to eat slowly, decreasing the risk of bloating and other health issues. Furthermore, they aid with portion control – particularly beneficial for overweight pups.

These bowls provide mental stimulation for your pet, which is essential in keeping their minds sharp and healthy. They keep your pup’s mind active by challenging him to use problem-solving skills to find food in the maze.