Meow Mix Kitten Food

Meow mix kitten food is specially formulated to give your kitten the necessary nutrition for healthy, strong growth. Packed with plenty of wholesome ingredients in irresistible flavors like chicken, turkey, salmon and ocean fish!

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Good nutrition, exercise and regular veterinary care are essential for your kitten’s wellbeing. If they haven’t had a visit in the last 12 months, make an appointment now!


Original Choice

Meow Mix Original Choice provides your cat with high-digestibility nutrition, providing them with strong bones, healthy teeth, a shiny coat and plenty of energy. With just five simple ingredients per meal, this premium cat food provides complete and balanced nutrition that works hard inside your feline’s body to maximize their wellbeing.

Cats love these fun shapes and crunchy bites – made with chicken, turkey, salmon, and ocean fish flavors! They savor every bite and ask for more!

These small kibbles are specifically formulated for kittens to enjoy and nibble on with ease. Plus, they contain 37 essential nutrients that promote their health and happiness as they grow, such as high-quality protein for growing muscles, along with essential fatty acids to support brain development.

Meow Mix Original Choice, manufactured in the USA, meets all nutritional levels set out by the Association of American Fee Control Officials (AAFCO) Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages. Additionally, it’s a great source of Vitamin A, C, E and Copper.

Kitten Li’l Nibbles

Meow Mix kitten food may have small kibbles, but they contain all the essential nutrients your furry friend needs to grow big and strong. A high-quality protein source promotes muscle development while an optimal fatty acid profile aids brain development. With its satisfying ingredients and irresistible flavors, this dry cat food should be in every kitteh’s cupboard!

As your cat gets older, they may start nibbling on solid food around 3 to 4 weeks old. Make sure your feline stays nourished at all times with the appropriate kind of food and a fresh bowl of water each time – and change out their kibbles frequently for exciting new treats! High-quality nutritionally complete pet foods from your local grocer, vet or store are the best way to ensure they receive all of the nutrition they need for years to come.

Indoor Formula

Meow Mix Indoor Formula is an innovative combination of tasty little kibbles with premium protein to help kittens develop into healthy, contented creatures. Plus, it contains high levels of essential fatty acids and DHA for muscle growth as well as brain development.

Kittens typically start to nibble solid foods around three to four weeks old and will either eat dry or moistened food at will. To ensure their safety and well-being, always have moistened Meow Mix Indoor Formula available at all times; feed no more than one part warm (not hot) liquid to three parts dry food, changing frequently to maintain freshness.

Pregnant and nursing cats should be fed 2-4 times their adult nutritional requirement. Water: Always make sure your cat has access to fresh water in a bowl.

Hairballs can be an uncomfortable issue for your cat and create issues around the home. Wellness Natural Hairball Control Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe Dry Cat Food is specifically formulated to help move swallowed hair and hairballs through your cat’s digestive system using insoluble fiber from miscanthus grass.

Hairball Control

Hairballs are a common issue for cats, yet not all cat owners know how to properly treat them. National Hairball Awareness Day strives to educate pet parents on the most effective methods of preventing and managing these problems.

To help your pet combat hairballs, provide them with quality food and regular veterinary care. This includes brushing their coat, grooming services and diets designed specifically to promote healthy hair growth.

Meow Mix Hairball Control dry kibble is the top pick when it comes to cat food for controlling hairballs. Not only is this product packed with the healthiest ingredients your furry friend can eat, but it also contains top-notch protein which helps promote strong muscle tone and an overall lean, energetic physique.