Merrick Cat Food Vs Blue Buffalo Cat Food

merrick cat food vs blue buffalo

Merrick and Blue Buffalo are two of the leading pet food brands on the market, both known for providing high-quality foods made with trusted ingredients. Both enjoy a steadfast following among pet parents nationwide.

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Merrick and Blue Buffalo products are made with all-natural ingredients sourced from local farms and ranches, plus they undergo FDA testing in FDA-approved test kitchens.



Merrick and Blue Buffalo provide a range of cat food formulas designed with veterinarians’ and animal nutritionists’ input.

They offer products tailored for all life stages (including kittens), as well as specialized diets designed with needs in mind such as allergies, urinary tract health or weight management.

Both diets largely rely on pea protein, but both also feature high quality meat-based proteins to balance out the pea content.

Both diets contain sources of glucosamine to promote joint health.

Merrick boasts slightly higher levels of zinc than Blue Buffalo, though they cannot guarantee they will be present in all foods they sell. Furthermore, Merrick includes sources of chondroitin to aid with joint mobility while Blue Buffalo does not promise this is the case.


Merrick dog food and Blue Buffalo cat food are both made with premium meat and vegetable sources, eliminating fillers like corn, wheat, and soy which may irritate sensitive digestive tracts.

They avoid artificial preservatives that may lead to gastrointestinal issues. Instead, they use real meat as their main ingredient without any added salt or sugar.

Merrick and Blue Buffalo both provide a wide variety of recipes tailored for different stages in a dog’s life. In addition to general diets, they also carry products tailored toward specific health requirements.

Both brands differ in the amount of fat they provide. Both provide roughly equivalent amounts crude fat, but Merrick promises 2.96% more protein than Blue Buffalo does.

Merrick offers a selection of wet foods, while Blue Buffalo only provides dry and freeze-dried recipes. It is important to remember that wet diets tend to have higher fat contents due to the moisture they contain.


Carbohydrates are essential to keep your pet energized and content. Merrick and Blue Buffalo both make excellent brands that provide a satisfying blend of carbohydrates to keep your pup satisfied.

Both diets include peas and sweet potatoes, which provide your pup with fiber. Furthermore, these veggies offer antioxidants to combat free radical accumulation in his body.

These nutrients are especially crucial for active dogs. Their bodies require more antioxidants to combat the oxidation products created during exercise or stress.

Merrick and Blue Buffalo both offer adult dog recipes tailored towards adult dogs, with the former featuring more protein and fat content than its rival. Both foods also boast plenty of nutritious fruits and vegetables that will boost your pup’s immunity as well as overall wellbeing.


Merrick and Blue Buffalo both incorporate a range of animal sources into their recipes, such as meat, meat meal, organs and cartilage to provide carnivores with essential nutrition.

Foods such as glucosamine and chondroitin can help with joint health. The latter is an amino acid naturally produced by the body to support natural cartilage production.

Merrick foods tend to use more meat-based ingredients than Blue Buffalo does, making them a better option for dogs that don’t enjoy poultry or fish as much.

Blue Buffalo on the other hand offers grain-free diets that are perfect for canines with allergies or digestive issues. Their food does not contain corn, wheat, soy or artificial flavors or preservatives.