No Hide Bones

no hide bones

Chewing helps keep your dog’s teeth clean, strengthens their jaw and reduces stress. Not only that, but it’s an excellent way to give them mental satisfaction and prevent boredom!

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However, rawhide often comes from cleft-hoofed cow hides which are poorly digestible. Furthermore, many rawhide chews contain fillers and chemicals for added convenience.


No rawhide

No hide bones are an excellent alternative to traditional rawhide chews for dogs. Not only do they provide a safe way to satisfy your pup’s natural chewing instincts, but they’re made with all-natural ingredients that are easy to digest.

However, not all no-hide products are created equal. Some may contain chemicals which could lead to choking or other digestive issues.

These chemicals include hydrogen peroxide, bleach and titanium oxide to name a few.

Additionally, many rawhide chews are dyed to appeal to pet owners. Unfortunately, the colored chemicals present can also cause a dog’s digestive system to react negatively – leading to vomiting, diarrhea or decreased appetite.

No fillers

No hide bones can last up to five times as long as their more tame counterpart. Not only that, but they also aid in good oral hygiene by scraping away plaque and tartar while satisfying your pup’s chewing urges. No hides may be plentiful in the wild but are all natural with no dyes or chemicals added. Scoochie Pet offers an incredible selection of no hide treats at a fraction of the cost you would pay at local pet stores or big box retailers, making them ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs, allergies and other gastrointestinal issues. Offering treats periodically allows your pup to have some fun and burn off some extra energy. One great way to do this is offering up something tasty like chewy treats. With Scoochie Pet you can get an impressive selection at half the cost you would pay at other pet stores or big box retailers.

No artificial flavors

No-Hide bones are not like traditional rawhide from the leather industry, as they do not contain chemical additives that could potentially be toxic for your pup. Plus, our selection of flavorful ingredients are sure to please everyone – humanely raised chicken, beef, salmon, pork and low fat peanut butter are just a few! All are in stock and ready for chewing right now if you’re searching for the best of breed – give us a call and let us help you pick from all available options.

No preservatives

Chewing is an instinctive behavior for dogs, and it’s essential to give them the chance to indulge. However, make sure they only chew on safe bones so as not to damage soft furnishings or shoes.

Traditional rawhide bones are a by-product of the leather industry and often processed with toxic solutions like ash lye, bleach and chromium salts. Furthermore, these dyes may have carcinogenic and genotoxic effects.

No hide bones are made with only clean and digestible ingredients with no preservatives, making them a nutritious choice for your pup. Plus, they’re low in fat and high in protein so they’re an incredibly long-lasting chew that your pup is sure to love! Your pup is sure to go crazy over these chews!