Nudges Natural Dog Treats

nudges natural dog treats

Nudges Natural Dog Treats are highly nutritious treats made with organic components. Customers have raved about them! Designed for different ages and easily digestible.

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These chews feature a hardened chicken center encased in succulent chicken jerky and made with real USA sourced chicken as their number one ingredient. Furthermore, they include glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to support bone health.


No Artificial Preservatives

Because nudges natural dog treats do not contain artificial preservatives, you can give your precious pup one whenever desired without fear of overfeeding them. This makes nudges perfect rewards for tricks such as roll over, stay, fetch, come, shake hands or high fives.

These treats contain both glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, making them the ideal treat for canines with joint health issues. Due to slow oven drying, they retain a soft chewy texture for your dog to easily enjoy and tear apart.

Blue Buffalo brings us this all-natural treat inspired by the delicious taste, texture and aroma of perfectly grilled foods. Crafted with real USA beef and generous portions of vegetables for maximum mouthwatering flavor that dogs adore BLUE Nudges are free from corn, wheat or soy and no animal byproducts for ultimate safety – making Blue Nudges their natural pet food leader and giving your family members something they deserve! Treat them as family! Love them like family.

No Hormones

Nudges natural dog treats are made without artificial ingredients or fillers, guaranteeing that each bite provides purposeful nourishment for your pup. Oven-baked with high-quality beef raised in America, free from hormones and offering support for bone health with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for bone and joint support, these healthy treats make an ideal reward to give to your furry pal!

These delicious jerky-cut treats are great for larger dogs, yet can easily be broken apart into smaller pieces for smaller breeds. Additionally, these treats contain antioxidant fruits, herbs, and spices that boost immunity – perfect training treats!

Reusable blue buckets keep these treats fresh for extended use. Great for all stages of life, these treats include thiamine and organic chamomile as relaxants as well as L-tryptophan, valerian root, and organic passion flower which have proven successful at decreasing jumping, biting, restlessness, paw licking and chewing behaviors.

No Fillers

Nudges natural dog treats do not contain fillers, which is great news as fillers can pose health issues for dogs. Instead, nudges dog treats are made from high-quality ingredients that dogs love; plus they’re low in calories with no fillers!

Nudges natural dog treats are made without chemicals and processed items, providing a great treat for dogs of all ages. Their quality has earned the praise of veterinarians as well as many customers.

These chew sticks offer an ideal alternative to rawhide, which is made of animal skin treated with potentially toxic chemicals. Made of durable material that won’t shed, these treats come in two sizes to accommodate all breeds of dogs and are free from salt, colorings or added salt; plus they contain calcium for dental health! Easily broken apart for training purposes while safe enough even for puppies!

No Artificial Colours

Nudges natural dog treats are made without artificial colours or flavors and contain USA beef as the first ingredient, providing you with peace of mind to reward your pup when it comes time to roll over, stay, fetch, shake hands or high five. With slow oven dried, easy tear jerky cuts packed full of protein plus added glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to support bone health, these treats make great rewards!

Reward your dog’s summer grilling cravings year-round with this delectable treat inspired by perfectly grilled favourites. Free from corn, wheat or soy products as well as artificial preservatives, colors or flavors; USA chicken is used as the main ingredient and comes from sustainable sources.