Nutrafin Max Tropical Fish Flakes

An exceptionally nutritious and highly palatable fish food formulated to promote vibrantly colored tropical aquarium fish, with multivitamins, natural colour enhancers and advanced yeast Extract to aid in digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. Naturally coloured ingredients provide added color while working together to keep digestive processes at peak performance and maximize nutrition absorption.

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Can Betta Fish Consume Tropical Fish Flakes? Tropical fish flakes contain high amounts of crude protein; however, as part of a balanced diet they should only be given occasionally.



Nutrafin max tropical fish flakes offer highly palatable and nutritional multi-nutrient formula at an exceptional value. Naturally colored by its ingredients, this formula includes multivitamins, natural colour enhancers and Advanced Yeast Extract (prebiotics) for digestive system support and more.

Formulas developed specifically for tropical fish utilize high quality proteins from fishmeal processed to provide an extremely palatable, digestible food that supplies all essential nutrients necessary. Furthermore, garlic and earthworm meal are additional sources of protein while natural colour enhancers help bring out your fish’s best colours without artificial dyes.

Years of research and development have produced some of the highest-grade fish foods on the market today, featuring low ash/low phosphate formulas for improved water quality and including rich omega 3/6 fatty acid recipes that support fish health.

Colour Enhancers

Tropical fish flakes may be an excellent food option for many betta fish, but it should not be the only food source given to your bettas for proper nutrition. They need other high-protein sources like live or freeze-dried food in addition to fish flakes for their complete wellbeing.

Aqueon offers another top tropical flake, which boasts 42% crude protein content and includes freeze-dried bloodworms that many betta fish find delicious. Plus, its convenient container comes equipped with its own built-in dispenser!


Nutrafin Max tropical fish flakes are highly-palatable multi-nutrient formulations designed to meet the dietary requirements of most tropical aquarium fish, featuring natural colour enhancers, multivitamin supplements and Advanced Yeast Extract (prebiotics) to aid digestive support and more. Made to satisfy their nutrient requirements while being low-ash food sources to minimise waste production.

Fishmeal used in this range is processed in an innovative manner to create highly palatable food that promotes optimal water conditions and vibrant colors, along with earthworm meal, garlic cloves, spirulina and salmon oil for an extensive and varied diet for its fish inhabitants.

All ingredients in these formulas have been stabilized to remain active as long as possible, giving you peace of mind when feeding your fish. We carefully chose natural color enhancers to bring out the best in your fish without adding artificial hues that could harm its health.

Advanced Yeast Extract

Food that meets all these criteria has been meticulously developed to provide optimal tropical fish nutrition. It contains natural colour enhancers, multivitamins, advanced yeast extract (prebiotics) for digestive system support and more for complete tropical fish diet. Incorporating naturally colored and highly nutritious flakes that have low ash content to limit waste production as well as reduced phosphorus content to control algae blooms in your tank is key for optimal performance.

Protein comes from fishmeal processed to create an attractive, highly palatable and nutritionally dense source that’s easily digestible while producing less ammonia to maintain pristine water conditions. Some formulas also incorporate garlic, earthworm meal or salmon oil for extra appeal to multiple types of fish species.

Years of research and development have yielded the highest-grade fish foods on the market today. Each formulation utilizes low ash/low phosphorus standards to enhance water quality while offering balanced diets for tropical fish species.