Nutro Dog Treats Review

nutro dog treats

NUTRO ULTRA is an innovative brand of dry (kibble) and wet dog foods featuring many distinct recipes for optimal nutrition.

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Their most common formulas contain chicken as the primary ingredient, though they also offer salmon and lamb that have low mercury levels.

Their ingredients come from only top suppliers and undergo minimal processing; this lowers the risk of digestive distress.


Nutro Adult

Nutro dog food offers both dry and wet food products specifically formulated for adult dogs, with various formulas tailored towards large and small breeds alike. In addition, limited ingredient diets may help avoid common allergens like beef, chicken, wheat or soy that cause allergic reactions in some canines.

Most of the adult formulas from this company feature deboned chicken as their primary source of protein, without using animal by-products or organ meats; your dog will get pure protein from the meat itself! Other ingredients found in these recipes include lamb and salmon for additional source of nutrients – lamb is high-protein meat with lower moisture than chicken while salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids for an incredible source of essential essential fatty acids for health and well-being in pets.

Nutro stands out from its competition by not using GMO ingredients in any of their products, making it an attractive option for pet parents concerned about genetically modified ingredients in their pets’ meals.

Nutro Senior

Nutro provides seniors with various formulas tailored specifically for them, such as recipes from their NATURAL CHOICE and NUTRO ULTRA lines. These dishes contain higher levels of essential nutrients like protein, fiber, calcium, and phosphorus while at the same time having lower caloric intake and fat content.

Nutro makes use of meat as their primary protein source in their senior dog foods, typically chicken; they also use lamb and salmon, which have low mercury levels making them excellent choices for older canines.

This company sources its ingredients from reliable farmers. Their products do not use GMO products or artificial coloring and can be naturally preserved with vitamin E for maximum nutrition and minimal environmental impact.

Nutro Ultra

Nutro Ultra, a premium line, features holistically blended recipes filled with lean proteins, healthy whole grains, patented superfood blends, and more. Available as dry and wet food for puppies, adults, seniors and weight management for small, large and toy breeds alike – its aim is to ensure that every dog thrives.

This company uses only high-quality named meats as the primary ingredient in their formulas, supplemented with nutritious grains, vegetables and fruits for balanced nutrition. They refrain from using any processed seed oils that might cause inflammation as well as any artificial colors and flavors in their product line. Their food provides an ideal balance of proteins and fats to promote lean muscle mass; boasting both plenty of nutrient-packed chicken fat and low-glycemic rice peas sorghum base ingredients.

This recipe has been specifically created for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities. With minimal ingredients such as poultry, quail eggs, vegetables and other sources of protein (chicken fat provides essential fatty acids while the quail eggs offer essential amino acids), this food provides everything your pup needs to thrive!

Nutro Limited Ingredient Diets

Nutro is the go-to choice of many pet parents as its recipes cater to dogs of all shapes and sizes – including large breeds as well as those on special diets such as hypoallergenic or limited ingredient diets. Kibble and wet food options exist specifically tailored for large and small breeds alike; in addition, there are special diets such as hypoallergenic or limited ingredient diets to meet every dog’s dietary need.

The company has had relatively few recalls in their relatively brief history; some varieties were recalled for possible melamine contamination back in 2007. More recently, several products were pulled due to potentially inaccurate potassium and zinc levels.

Overall, however, this company enjoys an excellent reputation and produces quality food products for dogs with grain sensitivities or allergies. Their most popular formulas include grain-free kibble and wet foods which offer affordable and accessible nutrition to these canines.