Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food Review

nutro natural choice dog food

Nutro Natural Choice dog food offers high-quality recipes designed to support dogs through each life stage and is especially good for dogs with allergies.

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Real meat is the star ingredient here, followed by brown rice for protein and complex carbs, chicken fat for healthy fats, dried beet pulp for fiber support and nutrients, whole flaxseed and chia seeds as antioxidants and dried beet pulp as fiber enhancer.



Nutro uses high-quality animal ingredients in its food formulas for dogs. Deboned chicken meat is often the primary source of protein in their recipes; lamb and salmon meat also provide high amounts of protein with minimal moisture content and provide essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids for their dogs’ nutrition.

Most recipes also include chicken meal as a source of glucosamine and chondroitin for supporting bone and joint strength in large breed dogs, in addition to whole flaxseed and chia seeds for additional vitamins and minerals.

Carbs in this food come from rice, barley, sorghum, tapioca and oatmeal – no corn or wheat is present to reduce gluten consumption; however there may be small amounts of thickeners and texturizers such as peas or potatoes added as thickeners/texturizers to help make digestion simpler.


Each Nutro Natural Choice recipe is carefully designed to offer your dog the ideal balance of proteins, fats and carbs he or she needs for optimal health and activity levels while remaining within AAFCO nutrition standards. Furthermore, every Nutro product made in America meets these highest quality standards and boasts high customer satisfaction ratings with an average customer review score of 4.7 on Chewy!

Nutro Foods claims on its website that all its recipes are gluten-free by eliminating corn, wheat and soy from their ingredients to reduce overall gluten consumption and avoid the use of chemical preservatives. In addition, Nutro uses various side ingredients as nutritional boosters alongside their main components.

Some of these ingredients include raw chicken, which provides a rich source of protein. Other components, like lamb meal, increase both protein and calorie density of each formula – an especially helpful feature for dogs who need help managing or losing weight.


Nutro’s Natural Choice and Wholesome Essentials lines of dog food offer a selection of options suitable for every life stage, with fresh meat as its primary source of animal protein, while their recipes remain free from corn, wheat and soy; additionally they avoid artificial preservatives, flavors or colors in their recipes.

Dry foods from this brand are produced at two company-owned facilities located in Henderson, North Carolina and Victorville, California; wet recipes are manufactured at plants in Columbus, Ohio, Fort Smith Arkansas and North Sioux City South Dakota.

Nutro’s Chicken-Based Adult Large Breed Food is designed to keep your pet in optimal health with its tailored blend of proteins and nutrients, starting with real farm-raised chicken as its first ingredient and including high-grade glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support, plus antioxidants to promote strong immunity. However, this recipe uses sodium selenite instead of chelated selenium and includes carrageenan additive as controversial alternatives.


This brand uses only natural preservatives in their food and has received rave reviews from pet parents. Their food meets or exceeds AAFCO standards while being GMO- and artificial ingredient-free.

Nutro formulas typically feature fresh chicken as their primary protein source for dogs. Unfortunately, raw chicken contains up to 73% water content which will have decreased after processing into finished product and will likely account for only a much smaller percentage of total protein content than its initial proportion in raw form.

Nutro food also includes poultry fat, an Omega-6 fatty acid-rich meat source that adds palatability and can replace more expensive and lower biological value fatty meat sources like lamb. Peas, chickpeas and alfalfa meal are common protein sources found in its recipes; however, their high carbohydrate content could potentially cause digestive issues while decreasing overall protein content of meals.