Organic Layer Chicken Feed

Organic poultry feed provides a more natural approach to nutrition when raising chickens for eggs or meat production, being free from synthetic chemicals, toxins and additives while offering higher levels of essential nutrients that support flock health, growth and egg production.

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Organic layer feeds offer higher protein levels for body maintenance. Common ingredients in these mixes include organic wheat, peas, ground limestone, black soldier fly grubs and flaxseed meal. Furthermore, these formulas also contain sources of calcium such as aragonite or oyster shell to promote strong eggshells.


Manna Pro Non-GMO & Organic Layer Pellets

Organic feed that will provide your chickens with all of the nutrition needed for healthy eggs is available as whole grain, pellet, or mash form – with fermentation adding probiotics and increasing vitamin levels in your flock.

This feed boasts at least 16% protein and is an ideal option for your egg laying flock. Not only is it designed to support their immune systems, but it’s free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives – as well as being gluten and soy free!

This feed is ideal for mixed flocks as it includes both grower and layer formulas. Crafted with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients that are free from soy and corn products. Furthermore, U.S.-sourced grains make this blend complete in terms of proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and more!

Purina Feeds Organic Layer Crumbles

Purina Feeds Organic Layer Crumbles with Oyster Strong System provide a balanced and complete diet for organic laying hens, certified organic by USDA and made with non GMO ingredients grown without pesticides or fertilizers. In addition, Purina’s Oyster Strong System features an exclusive blend of oyster shell plus key vitamins and minerals like vitamin D and manganese to provide sufficient calcium at night when your hens are producing eggs.

New Country Organic Layer Feed

The New Country Organic Layer Feed is one of the finest organic, non-GMO and soy free chicken feeds for laying hens available today. Formulated with 17% protein and featuring probiotics, essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Plus it includes organic kelp and alfalfa as well as Poultry Nutri-Balancer to provide extra nutritional balance to this feed – fermenting is recommended to improve absorption and digestion! The feed can either be given dry or fermented; either way it improves nutrient absorption and digestion while improving absorption and digestion!

Many backyard flock owners appreciate having peace of mind that their chickens aren’t eating chemicals or toxins in their feed, while organic feed increases egg laying with bigger and better tasting eggs being produced. Furthermore, using organic feed is better for the environment since it doesn’t contribute to chemical runoff into watersheds and reservoirs and organic farming is better for soil as it doesn’t use herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers in farming methods.

Scratch & Peck Feeds Organic Layer Crumbles

This Organic Chicken Feed Is Formulated to Encourage Healthier, Happier Flocks That Produce Delectable Eggs. Featuring familiar and trusted ingredients like wheat, barley, peas and Grub Protein for optimal performance while helping the environment too! Not only is this feed great for your flock’s wellbeing but also great for its environmental footprint!

This Natural Product Contain 16% Protein And Is Formulated Professionally for Hens to Offer A Balanced Diet. Providing High Calcium Content And Being Soy & Corn Free Are Also Advantageous Features; fermentation may increase nutritional levels further.

Begin introducing this feed gradually to allow for an easy transition and gradual adjustment to its new formula. This is especially important if switching from another type of crumbles or pellets as your hens may not understand how to consume mash style feed immediately. Trough feeders give your hens access to whole grain feed with plenty of fresh water available and Cluckin’ Good Layer Grit at this stage; you may wish to supplement Oyster Shell at this time too.