OurPets IQ Treat Ball Review

iq treat ball

Intelligent doggies tend to get bored easily, so mentally stimulating toys like this treat dispensing ball are key in keeping their minds stimulated. Adjustable difficulty settings provide hours of entertainment while making clean up easy!

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This interactive toy helps reduce boredom, anxiety and destructive behavior while simultaneously encouraging healthier eating practices – it makes a great alternative to slow-feed dog bowls or lick mats!


Easy to assemble

Unlike other dog puzzle toys, the IQ Treat Ball stands out by featuring removable pieces to adjust difficulty level. Made of hard, durable plastic for easy maintenance and disassembling for simple cleaning – just rinse in warm soapy water then let dry before reusing!

Mentally Stimulate Dogs: Dogs’ intelligence increases as they play with this interactive IQ treat ball, learning to roll it to release treats or kibble. You can even adjust its difficulty level by changing its adjustable interior disc.

Lower, Healthier Feeding: This IQ Treat Ball encourages slower active eating and can reduce bloat. It makes an ideal alternative to slow feeder bowls or food mats and promotes better digestion as well as exercise.

Easy to clean

As soon as Cosmic Pet delivered Leia her new puzzle toy from Cosmic Pet, I knew she’d give it a test drive. Leia has an extraordinary canine nose which allows her to quickly detect quality in any product she comes across – could she figure out this ingenious treat-dispensing puzzle?

This iq treat ball is constructed of hard plastic that easily disassembles for convenient cleaning, with just warm soapy water to clean it and let it dry before use. Fill and adjust its difficulty level easily according to your dog’s needs, while their play will help them develop intelligence as they learn how to roll the ball to make treats fall out! It makes a fun alternative to slow-feeding bowls or chew toys while you can even add their favorite snacks as treats!

Fun to play with

Mental stimulation for your pet is an integral component of life, and OurPets offers the IQ Treat Ball as a fun way to provide that. By encouraging slow, active eating habits it can reduce bloat and improve digestion while simultaneously encouraging weight loss in overweight dogs.

The IQ Treat Ball can be easily filled with treats or kibble, while its internal disc allows you to adjust its difficulty level. Furthermore, this hard plastic treat ball disassembles quickly for cleaning; simply rinse under warm soapy water for efficient service.

My Maltipoo Sam loves playing with this treat ball! She gets very excited when it’s her turn to roll it and make snacks fall out – she feels empowered by having to work for it herself, which boosts her self-confidence.

Easy to fill with treats or kibble

Dogs love chasing and pouncing on this interactive treat ball that dispenses treats or kibble as it rolls around. Not only is this food-dispensing toy fun for them to play with, it encourages longer play times while improving mental and physical health in pets. Crafted from hard plastic for durability, the toy disassembles for convenient cleaning purposes and disassembling makes cleanup quick and simple!

This treat dispenser ball is an effective alternative to slow feeder bowls and helps dogs remain active during meals while simultaneously reducing bloat and improving digestion. It features an adjustable interior disc to set difficulty levels to make reaching treats easier or harder for your pet, making the experience seamless and suitable for all breeds – you can fill it up with your pet’s favorite treats or kibble.

Easy to adjust the difficulty level

OurPets IQ Treat Ball provides an engaging alternative to slow feeding dog bowls or snuffle mats by restricting treats or kibble to only what is rolled out. With its adjustable difficulty setting and use of an insert, this food-dispensing toy lets you determine just how hard your pet has to work to roll and get their treats!

This interactive treat dispensing dog toy is ideal for dogs of all ages, sizes and energy levels; its adjustable interior disc allows you to increase the challenge as your pup becomes better at rolling it. Furthermore, its hard plastic disassembles for easy cleaning with warm soapy water for quick rinse-off cleaning after every play session; further alleviating boredom and anxiety as well as encouraging active feeding!