Pangea Crested Gecko Food

Pangea Watermeon Complete Diet, released in 2013, has quickly become one of the go-to food items for crested geckos since its introduction. This savory formula can provide nourishment to gargoyle geckos, leachianus, chahoua and day geckos as well as other New Caledonian species.

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This banana-free formula features an irresistibly delicious fig aroma and taste to tempt even picky frugivores to get their hands dirty with this fruit! Additionally, its low levels of oxalic acid enable its use with minimal risk.


Fruit Mix

Pangea Complete Gecko Diet features a mix of fruit and vegetables that crested geckos love, boasting higher protein and fat contents than other complete crested gecko foods. Available in multiple sizes, it is highly palatable food which will ensure your gecko receives all necessary vitamins and minerals from this high-quality source of nutrition. Perfect for New Caledonian geckos as well as day geckos alike!

Formulated from whey, milk and egg proteins and including bee pollen, probiotics, algaes and insect-based proteins as well as low levels of antinutrients such as oxalates and phytates for optimal performance, this diet can be fed alone or alongside live insect prey. Available in several sizes including those specifically tailored to fit Pangea Acrylic Ledges and Suction Cup Ledges as well as large recyclable cups designed to fit Pangea Stone Dual Cup Holders.

Growth & Breeding Formula

This complete gecko diet features high levels of protein & fat for optimal breeding & growth, and lower oxalates to promote optimal calcium absorption. This formula is especially well suited to crested geckos or any fruit-eating New Caledonian gecko species; you may add in small amounts of live insects such as black soldier fly larvae for variety & stimulation.

This food is designed for adult geckos breeding their young and growing juveniles, and should be supplemented with occasional insect feedings to provide additional protein and fat sources.

Formulated using only premium ingredients such as All-Natural USA Dried Fruits, Whey Protein Isolate, Bee Pollen, Algaes, Probiotics, Insect-Based Proteins & more, this gecko diet also features low levels of Antinutrients like Oxalates and Phytates for maximum digestive health and longevity; no seeds, nuts, seed meal cereal grains or high oxalate fruits or vegetables have been included in its formulation.

Breeder Formula

Since 2013, Watermelons Mangos has been the top selling crested gecko food. Used to breed geckos or as an enjoyable supplement to complete diets for those having trouble keeping them, this tasty food option offers multiple advantages for any caretaker or breeder.

Breeder formula was specifically created to meet the special dietary requirements of reproductive crested geckos but can still be fed to all life stages of New Caledonian crested geckos. It provides more protein from insect sources and higher fat levels while still offering plenty of palatable fruits that create a feeding response similar to our other formulas. Although its nutritional profile leans more towards complete diet status, plain calcium powder or pure liquid calcium can be supplemented as needed for females to lick off as required.

This product includes a concentrated nutritional supplement designed by veterinary nutritionists to support healthy skin and calm nervous behavior in pets. This contains L-Tryptophan and Magnesium to aid in decreasing stress-related itching, licking, or skin chewing behaviors.

Fig & Insects

Urban legends about spiders in bananas, centipedes in apples, and figs full of dead wasps have long been prevalent, yet these stories may seem unbelievable to us now – yet all three statements are entirely factual!

Mike Shanahan explains that figs are inverted flowers, meaning each “fruit” contains hundreds of tiny blooms. To pollinate them, female fig wasps burrow into nonedible figs where they eventually lose their antennae and wings–“it’s a tight squeeze,” according to Shanahan.

When she lays her eggs within flowers, she also deposits some pollen from her own fig which helps the seeds germinate and grow. After mating and fulfilling her mission, the female wasp dies within its fig.

Pangea’s latest gecko food formula features crickets, black soldier fly larvae and mealworms as protein sources – perfect for geckos that don’t appreciate banana flavor in their diets! This banan-free option will please both gecko species alike.