Pangea Crested Gecko Food

Crested geckos are some of the easiest reptiles to care for and handle. Young ones can even be hand walked. After an initial acclimation period, however, most become quite at home being handled.

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Pangea food mixes contain optimal levels of calcium and vitamin D3 for crested geckos. Egg-laying females may require additional calcium in their diet. For those keeping egg-laying geckos, an extra supplement may be added as needed.


Fig & Insects Complete Gecko Diet

This top-performing crested gecko diet delivers an ideal combination of proteins and fats to encourage breeding responses and offers essential vitamins and minerals needed for your crested gecko to thrive.

Pangea created this fig-rich formula with strong fig aroma and taste to attract even the pickiest geckos to their food, without banana-flavors that some species don’t care for. By incorporating other base fruits such as pear, Pangea managed to incorporate fig into this food while still maintaining low levels of Oxalic acid.

Add crickets, black soldier fly larvae or organically grown mealworms for extra protein and to increase Omega fatty acid content in their diet. Remember to follow your feeding schedule and remove uneaten food at every new feeding.

Watermelon Complete Diet

Since 2013, when it first was introduced, this crested gecko food has proven immensely popular with all life stages of geckos. Guaranteed to generate enthusiastic feeding responses, its popularity ensures its place as our top crested gecko food option!

It contains natural US dried fruits mixed with protein sources derived from whey isolate and egg whites. Furthermore, this formula was specially created to contain very low levels of antinutrients like Oxalates and Phytates; no seeds, nuts, seed meal cereal grains or vegetables with high oxalate contents are used in its creation.

Watermelons are an excellent source of lycopene, an antioxidant which may help keep blood vessels flexible while potentially helping reduce cholesterol levels. Plus, they’re packed full of vitamin C for increased immunity!

Banana Papaya Complete Diet

This Pangea diet for crested gecko’s contains all of the necessary components for optimal health and well-being, such as over 50% banana and papaya fruit, no seeds or nuts and an abundance of protein from whey isolate and egg whites. Furthermore, there is a blend of algae and probiotics for additional support of optimal wellbeing.

As with the other Pangea complete diets, this one contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals for crested gecko health. Calcium intake levels come close to being at their maximum requirement; thus it may be safe or necessary to supplement with plain calcium as required.

Papaya contains both dietary fiber and potassium, known to reduce heart disease risk, while its source of choline supports brain health and provides antioxidant protection. Furthermore, its abundance in antioxidants makes papaya an excellent way to stay fit!

Growth & Breeding Complete Gecko Diet

Formerly known as Watermeon Mango, this food was developed as a breeder formula to foster rapid growth in crested geckos of all life stages and stages. Containing delicious fruits that your frugivorous geckos won’t be able to resist, this diet also boasts lower fat levels than most Pangea Diets.

Formulated to contain minimal levels of Oxalates and Phytates (antinutrients that bind calcium and other minerals), found in many fruits, vegetables, cereal grains, seeds, nuts, seed meal and legumes.

As part of their weekly diet, geckos should receive insect feedings once or twice every week to add variety and provide essential dietary fats. Before being fed to geckos, insects must first be gut loaded with calcium and vitamin D3 powder for best results.

Breeding Formula

Pangea offers an acclaimed line of gecko food, known as Breeding Formula (formerly Growth & Breeding). Pangea products can be found both online and at specialty local pet stores.

Their formulas contain real fruit instead of artificial flavorings and boast a healthy selection of vitamins and minerals for maximum benefit.

These supplements can help ensure that both male and female geckos in breeding groups receive the proper nutrients. It’s also an effective way to ensure they receive enough essential fatty acids – something crested geckos store up in endolymphatic sacs in their mouth roofs – which should be checked periodically.