Pangea Crested Gecko Food With Insects

pangea crested gecko food with insects

Crested geckos have quickly become popular due to their easy care requirements and breathtaking appearance. This kit provides all you need for getting started with your own crested gecko.

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Hatchling to four month-old crested geckos may be housed in 8x8x12 glass terrariums.


Feeding Tips

Pangea’s latest gecko food formulation features insect protein for carnivorous crested geckos. Their new Fig & Insect formula is banana free to satisfy even pickiest frugivores – making this ideal for breeders looking to supplement gecko diets with additional insect feedings.

Pangea Complete Diets offer complete nutrition to crested geckos of all kinds. Their Fig & Insect formula features high quality natural dried fruits along with premium nutrients such as whey protein isolate, egg white, bee pollen, spirulina, probiotics, chelated minerals and more – providing optimal nutrient absorption while encouraging strong bones, increased egg production and overall good health for crested geckos.

For optimal results, use a ratio of 2.5 parts powder to 1 part water by volume in order to form a consistency similar to ketchup. Live dusted insects are optional but strongly encouraged when breeding and raising crested geckos; make sure only feeding feeder insects that don’t exceed the width of your crested gecko’s eyes, and always dust them with PangeaCal calcium powder without vitamin d3.

Substrate Tips

Crested geckos have the unique ability to digest a wide variety of substrates, giving them access to an abundant and varied diet, and improving overall health. Be wary of commercial plant soils as these may contain pesticides which could harm your gecko; also take caution around any loose particles like sand as these could potentially block its intestinal passageway and result in obstruction.

Experienced crested gecko breeders commonly feed their breeding stock a high quality prepared diet like the Pangea Fruit Mix Complete Diet or Pangea Gecko Food: Growth and Breeding Formula to promote optimal egg laying and strong bones while providing essential vitamins to promote healthful development. When feeding this diet to crickets as food offerings, ensure they have been dusted lightly with high quality calcium powder without vitamin D3.

Crested geckos require moderate humidity levels, and should be misted once or twice per day. Use a thermometer-hygrometer combo meter to monitor their enclosure’s humidity levels.

Breeding Tips

Formulated specifically to meet the unique needs of breeding crested geckos, this food’s formula has been specifically tailored to address their breeding requirements. With high levels of protein and fat to promote active reproduction from your gecko and an assortment of fruits for an appetizing eating experience for frugivorous species like your own gecko, this specialized food offers everything necessary for successful reproduction of crested geckos.

Pangea offers six complete gecko diets that vary slightly in their recipe, yet each begins with powdered fruits as the first ingredient, offering various fruity tastes such as banana, apricot, papaya, watermelons and mango. One option from their selection offers no banana flavor for those who wish to avoid it altogether. This particular product provides just that option.

Insects provide both protein and calcium supplementation without the use of powder supplements, and should be added as part of an enrichment program during breeding season to provide enrichment value. We recommend gut loading the insects prior to feeding them to your reptile in order to ensure an optimum level of nutrition is passed on. Incorporating occasional insect feedings as enrichment value during this period.

Care Tips

Crested geckos have an extremely fast metabolism. To stay healthy and provide their animals with optimal nutrition, their diet must be low in phosphorus while high in calcium. Before meal replacement powders were available, crested gecko owners often mixed baby food with fresh fruit to provide their pet a meal – however this method contains high amounts of sugar, additives, and preservatives – making for an unhealthy combination.

To ensure that your crested gecko receives top quality food, we advise feeding top tier prepared diets such as Pangea Gecko Diet: Growth & Breeding Formula or Pangea Fruit Mix Complete Diet. Both these products were developed specifically with breeding crested geckos in mind and contain all of the proteins, vitamins, and minerals essential to proper development and egg production.

As part of an attractive diet for your gecko, we suggest offering insects once or twice weekly as snacks – just make sure that any crickets and worms that you give to him/her have been gut-loaded and dusted appropriately first!