Pedigree Wet Dog Food Review

Pedigree is one of the more well-known dog food brands, offering both dry and wet options for canines.

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This food gets much of its protein from animal byproducts and contains plenty of carbohydrates, as well as artificial dyes and bha, both harmful ingredients for pups.



Pedigree is one of the world’s best-known dog food brands. Associated with the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and offering both wet and dry foods suitable for dogs of all ages, it has also been widely criticized due to poor ingredient quality; leading them to recalling many products due to this quality issue.

Pedigree uses low-quality proteins like corn gluten meal and meat by-products in its wet recipes for dogs that offer no significant nutrition, potentially leading to digestive issues over time. They also use several inexpensive coloring agents such as iron oxide, caramel and natural flavorings – fillers which do not provide much if any nutritional benefit to their canines.

Pedigree wet food reviews tend to be positive, with many owners applauding the brand for providing food their dogs truly love to eat. Unfortunately, however, some negative reviews cited an unpleasant change in formula as well as issues with dented cans; overall Pedigree holds an below average rating on CatFoodDB.


Pedigree uses low-grade meat sources like chicken byproducts and corn gluten meal that offer minimal nutritional benefit, in addition to carbohydrates that may lead to weight gain in dogs. Furthermore, this food contains animal fat preserved with BHA which isn’t good for them either and also artificial colors which aren’t required for dog health and may lead to problems for some pets.

Pedigree’s Choice Cuts line of wet food provides four delicious recipes that can be served alone or used as an addition to dry kibble. While these foods contain more whole protein than their competitors, most of their protein comes from unnamed meat byproducts and plant sources.

The Healthy Weight Formula contains DHA to support brain development and has a higher protein content than other Pedigree wet foods while still using plant proteins as its source. Additionally, this food features glucosamine and chondroitin to provide joint support – especially beneficial for large breed dogs.


Pedigree may be part of a large pet food conglomerate, yet they still take great care and dedication in producing and controlling quality products for pets. Unfortunately, however, some consumers have noted finding foreign objects in Pedigree products.

Pedigree weight management foods were recalled due to metal fragments. Furthermore, other Pedigree products had also been pulled due to potential salmonella contamination issues.

This company also offers food specifically formulated to meet the minimum nutritional standards set forth by AAFCO for small breed dogs with smaller kibble pieces, though these may be slightly more costly than comparable foods available elsewhere.

The Healthy Weight line provides low calorie, high fiber options for smaller dogs that are low in calories but high in fiber content. Unfortunately, they do contain artificial dyes and thickener carrageenan that some pet parents wish to avoid, along with fillers such as corn gluten meal and chicken byproducts that boost protein content – this makes them an inferior option.


Pedigree dog food may be an adequate option, but there are many more superior choices out there such as Royal Canin Golden Retriver Adult Dry Dog Food which boasts superior nutritional content and higher transparency regarding ingredients used to formulate its formulas. Furthermore, this puppy food does not contain artificial flavors or preservatives making it much healthier choice for your furry family member.

Pedigree is owned by Mars Petfoods, which also produces some of the top cat foods (Whiskas). Established as Chappie in the 1930s and acquired by Mars in 1972, Pedigree products consist of 10 dry and 35 wet formulas; manufacturing facilities exist across the US with headquarters based out of Franklin Tennessee; it can also be found worldwide! Crafted with quality ingredients and low fat levels for optimal digestion; also offering some chicken by-products and corn gluten meal for additional DHA supplementation!