Pennington Wild Bird Feed With Cherry Flavor

pennington wild bird seed

As a birder, you understand the quality of birdfeed is crucial to the success of a backyard songbird attraction project. Avoid purchasing low-grade seed treated with chemical preservatives which could damage birds’ health as well as lead to wet, moldy piles beneath your feeders.

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Attracts a Wide Range of Birds

This seed mix was specifically crafted to attract various bird species. Black oil sunflower seeds are especially sought-after by many songbird species; in addition, this mix includes white proso millet and cracked corn for songbirds. Other popular choices include nyjer and shelled peanuts which provide high levels of fat essential to overwintering birds’ diets.

Based on your goal for songbird attraction, consider including safflower seeds in your feed mix. Safflower is cost-effective and may draw in certain species such as cardinals that may otherwise not frequent traditional feeders such as nyjer or sunflower. Safflower also tends to be relatively squirrel resistant – perfect if your backyard feeders frequently get attacked by these pests!

Another excellent way of attracting bird species not normally found nearby is providing your yard with suet cakes and mealworms from pet shops and feed stores, which will offer plenty of nutrients to birds visiting your yard.

Delicious and Nutritious

Pennington Wild Bird Feed in Cherry Flavor is designed to attract a wide range of seed-eating birds, providing essential vitamins and minerals necessary for maintaining a balanced diet. Easy to use in various feeders, it is readily available at local pet shops and specialty bird stores.

The Birders’ Choice Blend is an all-natural seed and grain mix containing no fillers designed to attract songbirds native to your yard. The mix consists of black oil sunflower seeds, striped and hulled peanuts, millet, cracked corn and safflower. Ideal for year-round feeding in hopper, gazebo and tube style feeders.

The Deluxe Songbird Mix has been specifically created to attract an assortment of birds, from finches and juncos to cardinals and woodpeckers. Among its high quality ingredients are black oil sunflower seeds, shelled peanuts, white proso millet, safflower and wheat that all provide attractive food sources without fillers that would typically fill cheaper blends.

Easy to Use

Pennington offers a diverse selection of bird food that caters to various birds’ preferences and habits. Choose from black oil sunflower seed, nyjer thistle seed or safflower seed to attract songbirds to your feeders and make up an effective feed mix. Adding these nutritious seeds is sure to please avian fans everywhere!

Other popular options for wild bird seed include classic varieties like those crafted of high-quality ingredients like black oil sunflower seeds, white millet and cracked corn that will attract many varieties of songbirds year round. Such seed is rich in fats and proteins essential to wild birds’ diets.

Seed mixes designed specifically to meet the nutritional requirements of certain birds can also be found, like large bird blends designed specifically to feed African Greys and other parrot species with larger beaks. These specialty mixes usually feature large seed shapes to appeal to these species, and may be fed via tube, gazebo or hopper feeders.

Attracts Other Animals

Wildlife can also be attracted by fresh, nutritious bird seed, such as squirrels, deer and rabbits. A dirty or moldy feeder could drive wildlife away from your yard so it is crucial that it remains clean and filled at all times.

Some species of birds prefer black oil sunflower seeds and safflower seeds as food sources, making Wagner’s Cardinal Blend an effective solution to attract cardinals. Compatible with hopper, platform, and tube-style feeders alike.

Kayte Ultra Wild Finch Blend is a proprietary combination of four select ingredients designed to attract more finches than standard seed blends and plain nyjer alone. Its scientifically optimized combination of white millet, red millet, nyjer seed, and canary grass seed has been scientifically designed to meet their nutritional requirements for maximum visual attraction. Extensive national field testing has demonstrated its popularity – being preferred three-to-1 over nyjer by birds themselves! Therefore making it an affordable alternative option for people wanting to attract more birds but who cannot afford feeding it themselves.