Persian Cat Food For Healthy, Long-Lasting Cats

persian cat food

Persian cats are a special breed with specific dietary needs that must be met for their growth and nutrition.

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It is essential to provide Persian cats with high-quality cat food that contains protein, as they are obligate carnivores and require plenty of meat to meet their energy requirements.



Protein is an essential element of Persian cats’ diets. As obligate carnivores, they require plenty of meat proteins for healthy growth and development.

Persian cats require high amounts of animal proteins and minimal energy-dense fats to stay lean, helping them avoid weight gain that is common with most cats.

No matter if you feed your cat dry or wet food, it is essential that you select a quality cat food with the correct ingredients for their specific needs.

Royal Canin Adult Pure Breed Persian Cat Food is a balanced and complete feed that features the Beauty Shine Complex to support the skin’s barrier function and promote coat health. Plus, it’s enriched with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to reduce hairballs while creating beautiful, shiny coats.

Omega 3

Protein is an integral part of your cat’s diet. Not only does it supply essential nutrients for muscle growth and digestion, but it also boosts their immunity by aiding with immune system strengthening.

Protein sources ideal for cats are those containing real meat or poultry, as these provide a comprehensive set of amino acids. Plant proteins lack this essential set and thus tend to be less digestible by cats.

ORIJEN Original Grain-Free Dry Cat Food is a highly concentrated source of protein that includes species-appropriate animal proteins like turkey muscle meat and liver, along with dried egg product. Additionally, it includes chicken by-product meal which provides concentrated sources of proteins from parts such as necks, feet and entrails from swine.

Omega 6

Maintaining an appropriate balance of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for your cat’s health is essential. This nutrient helps promote a healthy coat and skin, reduce shedding, boost general wellness, and support their immune system.

Furthermore, a diet rich in omega 3 can reduce inflammation and joint pain caused by ageing. Supplementing your cat’s daily food with these supplements is an excellent way to keep them looking and feeling their best for longer.

MeO Persian Cat Food provides a complete and balanced nutritional formula with all the essential nutrients for your furry friend. It boasts a high protein content to promote strong, lean muscle mass as well as elements like taurine amino acid to support eye and heart health.

Natural Fibres

Persian cats are renowned for their long, luxurious coats with dense undercoats. Unfortunately, they tend to swallow a lot of their fur during grooming sessions, leading to hairballs.

Royal Canin has created a special dry cat food specifically tailored for them, featuring natural fibres which aid digestion and prevent hairball formation.

It contains dehydrated poultry protein, rice, animal fats, maize flour and vegetable fibres; hydrolysed animal proteins; beet pulp (for hydrolysing animal proteins); fish oil; psyllium husks and seeds for added nutritional benefits; fructo-oligo-saccharides from hydrolysed yeast (source of mannan-oligosaccharides); borage oil for ease of grasping by Persian cats; and marigold extract for lutein content. These almond-shaped kibbles have been specifically designed with their tongue in mind to make them easier for cats to grasp with their underside tongue.


Persian cats boast a long, luxurious coat with an undercoat of dense hairs. Royal Canin Adult Persian Dry Cat Food helps maintain your cat’s coat’s sheen and health while supporting its “barrier” role. This formula contains an exclusive combination of nutrients enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), along with Omega 6 fatty acids. Plus, its blend of fibres – including psyllium rich in mucilage – stimulates intestinal transit while naturally limiting hairball formation.

This diet is specifically tailored to meet the health requirements of Persian breeds, featuring highly digestible proteins, prebiotics and natural antioxidants that support balanced intestinal flora for gentle digestion. It’s specifically designed for adult cats over 12 months old in a loaf format so it’s simple to incorporate into your cat’s feeding schedule.