Premium Cichlid Food

premium cichlid food

Premium cichlid food has many benefits. It contains the right nutrients for your prized fish and is formulated to give them the best possible health. It also contains probiotics to help your fish thrive. Its protein and fat content is guaranteed to be a minimum of 44.0%, and its fiber and moisture content is at least 8.0%.

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Cobalt premium cichlid food is formulated to be a complete and balanced diet for fish. It contains naturally occurring probiotic bacteria (1,000,000 CFU per gram), which aids digestion, reduces waste and helps promote healthy fish. It also includes vitamins and immunostimulants.

This premium cichlid food is formulated for daily feeding of all kinds of cichlids and is rich in nutrients. It comes in the signature blue pellets and flakes and contains ingredients sourced from the USA. Moreover, it is palatable and does not cloud the water. It can be fed twice or three times daily, depending on the needs of the fish.


Hikari premium cichlid food contains special color enhancers to bring out the true color of cichlids. It is recommended for daily feeding to larger tropical fish. The unique formulation of Hikari premium cichlid food is designed to make your fish appear its best and healthy.

Hikari Premium Cichlid Food is a complete daily diet that contains all of the essential nutrients your cichlid needs to thrive. It provides balanced nutrition and improves your fish’s digestion. It also contains stabilized vitamin C to help your fish’s immune system and improve its health.

Omega One

Omega One Cichlid Food is made with a unique formula that is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of cichlids. The formula provides an ideal blend of fresh marine fats and protein for optimum health. This food is ideal for a variety of medium to large cichlid species.

Omega One is made with a protein binding system that prevents it from becoming water-soluble, which helps the fish absorb 100% of the vitamins and minerals that they eat. The unique formulation also helps improve water quality and makes the food more palatable to the fish.

Hikari Gold

Hikari Gold premium cichlid diet is a great choice for cichlids and larger tropical fish. It is specifically formulated to bring out the natural beauty and form of cichlids. In addition, it contains special color enhancers. This means your cichlids will have a vibrant color and look their best.

Hikari Gold is a great choice for cichlids as it contains the highest quality proteins, beta carotene, and other premium ingredients. It is also very affordable and designed to provide the right balance of nutrients to your fish.

Hikari Gold Floating Pellets

Hikari Gold Floating Pellets is a premium cichlid food that has a high protein content. It also contains Antarctic krill, beta carotene, and other premium ingredients that are beneficial for your cichlid’s health. This food is ideal for carnivorous cichlid species, and it won’t cloud your aquarium water. Hikari Gold Floating Pellets has a natural flavor that is palatable to your fish. The pellets are also made with no padding or artificial color additives.

Hikari Gold Floating Pellets are made from live foods and contain no artificial ingredients. They also contain essential vitamins and minerals that your cichlids need to grow healthy. These nutrients help increase the immune system of your fish and make them more colorful and vibrant. The pellets are 2.5-3mm in size and are coated with a probiotic that improves digestion and the health of your fish.

Hikari Gold Veggie Rounds

Hikari Fish Food has been around since the 1890s and is one of the original commercial fish foods on the market. Its superior quality has earned it total dominance in the industry. The company is well known for developing a premium aquatic diet that doesn’t use fillers or chemicals. It also has global facilities for breeding fish.

This food is made with a formula with high protein content, a high percentage of Antarctic krill, and other beneficial premium ingredients. The highly-quality ingredients in this food keep your cichlid’s water clear and help them maintain their vibrant colors.

Hikari Premium Adult Cichlid Pellet

Hikari Premium Adult Cichlid Pellets contain the right balance of plant matter and animal matter. Hikari’s proprietary blend of ingredients is perfect for larger tropical fish. Hikari’s formula includes innermost portion of wheat germ kernel to provide more rapid digestion and beneficial nutrients. It is also formulated with pure-cultured Spirulina to improve color enhancing properties.

This cichlid food contains high levels of omega 3 fatty acids and beta carotenes to improve color in your fish. It should be fed to your fish 3 times a day. Other ingredients include organic kelp, whole antarctic krill meal, spirulina, and kelp. It is also free of artificial ingredients.