Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Urinary Range

pro plan veterinary diets urinary

Pro Plan’s Urinary Range is made with premium ingredients to reduce the risk of urinary stone formation and provides antioxidants and other essential nutrients to support urinary tract health.

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Our therapeutic diets are scientifically designed with advanced nutrition that is supported by decades of research and an international network of scientists. Pet owners and veterinary professionals alike trust these cutting-edge products for maximum pet health benefits.


UR St/Ox Feline Formula

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets urinary st/ox feline formula has been scientifically designed to meet the special dietary needs of adult cats predisposed to lower urinary tract disease, as well as provide them with complete and balanced nutrition every day. Studies have even shown this diet reduces struvite and calcium oxalate urolith formation – helping reduce recurrence risk.

UR St/Ox Feline Formula is designed to produce slightly acidic urine, encouraging water intake and diluting urine volume in cats diagnosed with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). Furthermore, this diet reduces the potential for struvite or calcium oxalate crystal formation.

UR St/Ox Feline Formula begins with meat and poultry by-product meal, corn gluten meal, tuna, fish meal and oat fiber. Together these make up nearly 60% of the protein content in this food; fish meal makes up only a minor part.

UR St/Ox Canine Formula

The UR St/Ox Canine Formula is an innovative dry dog food designed to reduce the risk of urinary stone formation in your pup. Created through collaboration between nutritionists, researchers and veterinarians, it features high-quality ingredients as well as healthy antioxidants to create a therapeutic diet that dissolves existing sterile struvite stones while preventing new calcium oxalate crystals from forming. Perfect for all breeds at any stage in life – The UR St/Ox Canine Formula will make sure your pup stays happy.

Veterinarian Recommended Dosage: Feed 1 cup per 30 pounds of body weight twice daily or as directed by your vet. If your pup doesn’t consume this much food, you can reduce it by decreasing feeding time or switching to another dietary formulation. Regardless of what method of feeding you use, monitor for any abnormal signs. Animal feeding tests using AAFCO procedures have proven UR St/Ox Canine Formula to be a safe and effective food option for dogs.

UR Tract Health Formulas

Maintaining your cat’s urinary tract is essential for their overall wellbeing and Purina Pro Plan veterinary diets are designed to nurture this important function.

One of our most sought-after urinary care solutions, this product is ideal for cats who require extra support to keep their bladder and kidneys working optimally. Formulated with high quality chicken ingredient, it provides specialized nutrition your feline friend needs to feel their best.

This remarkable food is carefully produced in Purina-owned facilities in the United States without artificial colors or flavors, giving your cat all of the specialized urinary care she deserves with delicious taste she’ll love. This is an ideal way to provide them with healthy choices that they won’t feel guilty about eating!

This recipe has been carefully designed to deliver the highest level of purposeful nutrition for your cat. It includes linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that supports her skin and coat as well as providing other benefits to her overall wellbeing. Plus, it boasts a high protein content along with other desirable components sure to please your feline friend.

Therapeutic Diets

When your pet has been diagnosed with a medical condition, their veterinarian may suggest an effective therapeutic diet to manage symptoms. This diet can often help avoid or minimize the use of drugs required for treatment of the illness.

These diets have been specifically created to address specific health problems like bladder stones, urinary tract conditions, kidney disease and food allergies. After extensive research and feeding trials have demonstrated their effectiveness, veterinarians recommend them for your consideration.

Purina Nutritionists and Researchers collaborate with veterinarians to develop veterinary-recommended therapeutic foods. Compared to commercial pet foods sold in pet stores, these diets have been carefully designed and tested based on scientific studies.

These special diets may induce alkaluria and diuresis, encouraging calcium oxalate urolith dissolution in dogs and cats. Furthermore, these diets restrict dietary purines which are the primary culprits behind urate formation in pets with liver diseases.