Pup Puffs

Pup puffs are a delicious chewable treat designed to support dental health, offering a safer alternative than rawhide. Plus, they’re low-cal and don’t contain any artificial preservatives or flavors!

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Built with only human-grade ingredients and expertly baked for that perfect crunch, these pup puffs make the ideal reward or snack during training sessions and positive reinforcement programs.

Duck & Yogurt Bully Puffs

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Baked Pork Snouts

Pig snouts offer your pup a delicious, long-term chew treat while maintaining joint health and providing new tastes, smells, and textures to explore. Furthermore, these toys promote chewing activity to remove plaque before it hardens into tartar-filled plaque.

Pig snouts may not be suitable for all dogs; puppies in particular could potentially harm themselves by swallowing whole pig snouts or chewing too vigorously, while some dogs could experience stomach upset from the fat content in these treats – not to mention they contain high calories that should only be given occasionally as snacks.

To make the terrine, begin by thoroughly washing and boiling snouts for one hour, skimming off any fat before cutting into pieces and mixing with garlic, onions, ginger, chili flakes, bay leaves, three grains of pepper and allspice. Finally pour into a baking dish.

Porky Puffs

After you complete the Gumquacks quest and return to Goop, he will inform you of a Tribe boss to defeat: Eastern Worldeater or “Porky Puff”. Battle will commence underwater.

Start out by dodging Porky Puff’s stomps. Hear small waves erupt when he walks, so boost your Googlide and time it perfectly if possible to dodge these attacks and avoid getting hit; shockwaves could deal devastating damage if hit!

Once Porky Puff comes close enough, one of its paws will slam onto the ground, initiating a quick time event wherein you must target its weak points: pink pustules on its feet that when hit will pop and deal chunks of damage to this monster.

Continue this cycle until Porky Puff’s health runs low, at which point the fight will shift onto land. When this phase begins, Porky Puff will attempt to launch rocks at you from behind its shield – you can avoid this by strafing around him or using ranged weapons against him as needed.