Purina Chicken Layer Feed

purina chicken layer feed

Chicken chicks require the appropriate nutrients for optimal growth and development, including prebiotics, probiotics and yeast to support strong digestive systems. This feed includes these vital elements.

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Our balanced layer food is comprised of organic ingredients grown without pesticides and fertilizers, and includes our Oyster Strong System that strengthens eggshells with added calcium from oyster shells and vitamin D.


Layena Crumbles

Layena Crumbles provide excellent nutrition to promote both bird health and nutritious eggs. Formulated with 16% protein and high calcium content, the Oyster Strong System uses oyster shell calcium, vitamin D3 and manganese to strengthen eggshells for top egg producers. By remaining in their digestive tract longer than other calcium sources, Layena Crumbles help ensure their birds can produce strong, hard shelled eggs throughout the day and night while they lay.

This chicken layer feed comes in either pellets or crumbles, giving you plenty of options when selecting what would work best for your flock. Both options contain equal levels of nutrition, though crumbles may be better suited for chick starter/grower feed, younger birds or smaller breeds who find digesting larger pellet pieces harder. However, crumbles tend to produce slightly more waste than pellets, possibly clogging gravity feeders in some instances. Give this free-choice feed to all 18 weeks-old and older laying chickens as well as meatbirds (chickens ducks or geese) of laying age for optimal performance.

Layena Plus Omega-3

Layena Plus Omega-3 is an optimal feed designed to promote optimal hen health and consistent egg production in laying chickens aged 18 weeks or older, using Omega-3 fatty acids and the Oyster Strong System for strong shells. Feed this premium poultry feed free-choice as their sole diet starting after 18 weeks of age throughout their laying cycle – it may even be suitable for ducks, geese, turkeys or meat birds over 30 weeks old!

This laying chicken feed contains flaxseed to increase Omega-3 fatty acid levels in your hen’s eggs, producing on average 250 mg per large egg versus 50 mg in regular store-bought ones.

This product is packed with essential amino acids to promote overall bird health and include an Oyster Strong System that offers another source of calcium when needed by your hens, such as at night when egg shell formation increases rapidly but dietary sources of calcium decrease dramatically due to limited eating activity. Oyster shells’ large particle size means they remain in their digestive tract longer, providing steady releases of calcium throughout the night when egg formation rates peak and egg consumption diminishes significantly.

Start & Grow

Chicks and pullets require starter feed (also known as starter crumbles or starter ration) that provides them with all of the vitamins, minerals, oils and proteins they require for optimal development. Medicated starter feed contains amprolium to protect chicks against the bacterial disease coccidiosis.

Once chicks reach 6-20 weeks of age, they should switch over to grower feed. This type of chicken food contains lower levels of protein (16-18%) and calcium than regular layer feed, making for healthier chicks overall.

Growing chickens require this lower protein intake in order to prevent themselves from receiving too much calcium, which could damage their kidneys and subsequently decrease lifetime egg production.

If your flock includes birds of mixed ages and you intend to feed them all the same feed, Start & Grow is best until laying age (around 18-20 weeks), when transitioning them onto Layena Plus Omega-3 combination starter/grower feeds like Layena.


Your flock needs a balanced diet in order to produce strong, nutritious eggs. Choose a complete layer feed which provides all of the required nutrients laying hens require – eliminating the need for supplementation – plus shell strengthening nutrients (like our exclusive Oyster Strong system ) so your flock has access to steady calcium supplies from oyster shells, vitamin D3 and manganese.

Organic layer feed can offer peace of mind to backyard flock owners looking for organic alternatives, as its ingredients are free from antibiotics, hormones, and other chemical contaminants. Due to being more labor-intensive to produce than non-organic food sources. However, it tends to cost more.

This formula is suitable for feeding to mixed flocks of turkeys, pheasants, ducks and quail 8 weeks or older. It contains amprolium to prevent coccidiosis while providing high levels of protein to promote their growth.