Purina Naturals Cat Food Review

Purina cat chow naturals dry kibble is an ideal option for cats of all breeds and sizes. It features a formula specifically tailored to indoor cats that helps them stay healthy without adding extra pounds, as well as one specifically designed to control hairballs.

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This food contains just 9% fat, which is low compared to other dry kibbles. Furthermore, it provides only 358kcal per cup for an energy boost.



Purina Naturals cat food provides your feline friend with natural nutrition, added vitamins, minerals and nutrients for an irresistible flavor. With real chicken as the #1 ingredient, this wholesome formula delivers all-around nourishment without artificial flavors or colors.

This nutrient-rich dry cat food is designed with whole grains, leafy greens and high protein to give your pup a nutritious and tasty meal. Plus, it includes fiber that helps control hairballs for an all-around balanced meal that provides essential vitamins and minerals.

While this is an effective option for most cats, overweight or finicky pets may require something more. Grain-free and hairball with weight control options may be suitable alternatives in these instances.

Purina has been around for over 90 years, providing cat food with quality ingredients you can trust. Their line of foods are produced at company-owned facilities across America and Canada, so you can rest assured your furry friend is getting only the best.


This dry cat food provides your feline with only what she craves – real salmon, whole grains and a touch of leafy greens. Plus, each bag includes 25 essential vitamins and minerals to keep her healthy and content for years to come.

Purina Naturals stands out from other dry cat food options thanks to its superior combination of high quality ingredients, such as salmon. Plus it includes high quality proteins like chicken or turkey and nutritious grains like peas and barley for maximum nutrition. Plus it includes a fiber blend which helps control hairballs plus other clever tricks up its sleeve backed by over 60 years of trusted nutrition. With such a wide selection of delicious and nutritious cat food recipes to choose from, you’re sure to find exactly the right food for your feline friend.


When it comes to pet food storage, the best option is keeping dry food in a container that prevents moisture and air exposure. Common options include zip-to-close bags, garbage cans or plastic storage containers with lids.

For optimal freshness, store purina naturals cat food in your fridge. This helps to retain moisture inside the can, prevents it from evaporating and reduces odors.

When not using Purina Naturals, it’s recommended to store it in its original bag within a clean container. Doing this helps preserve its freshness and quality.

This cat food recipe is tailored for the feline life stage and includes 25 essential vitamins and minerals to promote their overall health and wellbeing. Plus, it includes a natural fiber blend which helps control hairballs while aiding with weight maintenance.


Purina naturals cat food provides wholesome nutrition for cats with an irresistible flavor. Each recipe is created with high-quality ingredients like real chicken as the first ingredient and other essential nutrients cats require to thrive.

Each ingredient has been selected for its quality, nutritional value and taste. With 90 years of experience and industry-leading quality assurance standards, these foods meet all our quality and food safety requirements with ease.

For a nutritious indoor cat food, this formula has a delicious taste your adult cat will love and helps promote a healthy weight. Plus, it includes natural fiber to control hairballs.

This cat food is suitable for all life stages and free from artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. It contains 25 essential vitamins and minerals to promote your cat’s overall wellbeing.