Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula Adult Dog Food Review

purina pro plan salmon and rice

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula Adult Dog Food features salmon as the first ingredient, making it highly digestible to support digestive health in your pet’s intestinal tract. In addition, rice and oat meal provide easily digestible sources of carbohydrates.

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Salmon is the main protein source in this dry food, providing the primary source of protein. Furthermore, its highly digestible formula includes prebiotic fiber that feeds beneficial bacteria in your dog’s intestine and thus promotes digestive health. Rice and oat meal provide easily digestible sources of carbohydrates while fish oil provides rich source of EPA omega-3 fatty acid as well as zinc to nourish his or her skin and coat.

Give your large breed puppy the optimal nutrition he needs with Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food. Boasting a delectable blend of hard kibble, tender pieces and natural prebiotic fiber nourished specific bacteria for healthy digestion; plus this food is free from corn, wheat and soy!


Relieve your dog’s sensitive stomach with this specially formulated food! Packed with nutritious salmon as the first ingredient and providing prebiotic fiber for optimal digestive health, this recipe features rice and oat meal for digestible carbohydrates while fish oil (containing one of many omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA) provides support for joint health and mobility.

Give your pet’s energy the boost it needs with this performance food! Packed with high levels of protein for muscle building, antioxidants support his immune system and it features glucosamine and omega-6 linoleic acid to promote joint health – these benefits make this meal an essential one.

Pro Plan FOCUS All Life Stages Performance 30/20 Puppy Formula is an ideal food choice for growing puppies. Packed with protein to build strong muscles and fortified with vitamin A, linoleic acid and glucosamine to support joint function health, this dry food also includes chelated minerals and taurine for overall development and growth support.


Salmon is the cornerstone of this food, offering your pup essential dietary protein and prebiotic fiber that supports intestinal balance and digestive health. Rice and oat meal provide easily digestible sources of carbohydrates while corn, wheat and soy are avoided for added wholesome nutrition – no additional taurine is added as its naturally present in lamb meat products!

This formula from Purina Pro Plan has been specially created to nourish both sensitive skin and stomach conditions in adult dogs as well as overall wellness. With protein-rich, low-fat nutrition that contains omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids for skin nourishment and calcium and phosphorous for healthy bones, this food offers superior nutrition without corn, wheat or soy, making it the ideal choice for adult dogs with sensitive skin or stomachs. Animal feeding tests performed using AAFCO procedures confirm its complete and balanced formula providing complete and balanced maintenance nutrition for adult dog maintenance maintenance nutrition requirements for adult maintenance diet.


This canned recipe is ideal for sensitive stomachs, with lean chicken enhanced with liver for additional nutrient benefits and rice as a carb source to keep your pet satiated and active throughout their mealtime. Plus, no artificial flavors or preservatives make this food choice healthy!

This grain-free meal features real beef as its primary protein source, ideal for building and maintaining muscle mass. In addition, other ingredients provide essential vitamins and minerals. Made in America without corn, wheat or soy ingredients!

Peas are an excellent source of fiber, vitamin B3, and omega-3 fatty acids for dogs and can easily digest. Unfortunately, however, too many peas may cause kidney issues in some dogs due to conversion into uric acid in the body resulting in gout or other kidney conditions.