Raw Cat Food Pouch Reviews

raw cat food pouches

If you’re thinking about switching your cat over to a raw diet or are already on this journey, pouches offer an easy and convenient way for them to get some quality nutrition.

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When shopping for commercial raw food, quality can vary between brands. To guarantee your cat gets enough protein from this food source, choose one with high levels of meat or animal products.



Purrform offers five varieties of grain-free raw cat food in five rabbit and chicken flavors. All their meals are crafted from human grade meats, bones and organs that have been formulated with a small amount of vitamins and minerals (including taurine) for complete nutritional coverage.

PurrForm is available in 70 gram pouches for adult cats and 250-gram tubs as complementary foods for both kittens and adults alike. In the UK, you can order online or by phone for delivery to England, Wales and Scotland.

These 70 gram pouches contain 80% minced chicken with ground bone, 10% chicken liver, 5% chicken heart and 5% gizzard. This complete diet offers 155 calories per 100 grams serving size.

These 250 gram tubs provide a complete diet and contain more calories than their 70 gram equivalents. While more expensive, these nutritious treats seem to be well-rounded for cats. Available in various flavours for multi cat households, these snacks are blast frozen to guarantee freshness when delivered.


Instinct offers premium raw cat food pouches made with only high-quality, natural ingredients. Furthermore, their products undergo high pressure processing to eliminate harmful bacteria from their meals.

Additionally, this food uses raw chicken as its primary protein source, giving it a meaty flavor and beneficial proteins like chondroitin to support your pet’s joints and bones.

The brand’s freeze-dried raw diets for cats come in a range of recipes, such as chicken for kittens and beef for adult cats. All recipes are free from grains, corn, wheat, soy products, artificial colors or preservatives.

The company also offers kibble-topped raw, which contains chunks of freeze-dried raw meat. This helps boost your cat’s protein intake while adding more essential nutrients to their meal.


Orijen Pet Food Brand Utilizes Premium Ingredients with Biological Appropriate Criteria Orijen offers various formulas tailored for cats of all life stages.

ORIJEN Guardian 8 is a nutritionally balanced diet designed to address eight common cat ailments with 90%* fresh and raw WholePrey animal ingredients. This nutritious food helps support adult cats’ immune, digestive, and heart health.

This grain-free recipe includes prebiotics from dried chicory root and natural sources of fibre from whole pumpkin, collard greens, apples and pears to aid digestion. The smaller kibble size is freeze-dried coated for an added burst of raw flavor.

ORIJEN Kitten is a nutritional supplement specifically formulated to support kitten brain development and cognitive functioning, featuring five primary ingredients: fresh or raw chicken, turkey, wild-caught salmon, herring, and chicken liver. Plus it includes DHA/EPA from salmon, whole mackerel and herring as well as pollock oil for naturally occurring Omega 3 fatty acids that aid in growth.


If you’re searching for raw cat treats or food, PurrSnacks has everything you need. These freeze-dried meat cat treats are free from preservatives and contain no artificial flavors or colors.

These treats are made with human grade chicken breast and packed full of protein and low in calories. Plus, water has been added for hydration.

These squeezable pouches come in three varieties: Skin & Coat, Heart & Eyes and Gut & Digestion. Each squeezable provides 113mg of omega-3 and 1065mg of omega-6 to promote healthy skin, coat and teeth.

For added convenience, the company also sells a frozen raw cat food tub that’s resealable. This product is sourced and manufactured in Thailand using human-grade ingredients.

Homemade raw diets require the correct balance of amino acids, fats, vitamins and minerals to meet your cat’s nutritional requirements. Unfortunately, they’re more difficult to prepare than you might think; furthermore, the recipe must be followed exactly or else your feline could suffer from nutritional deficiencies.