Rawhide Treats Can Be Dangerous

Rawhide treats can satisfy dogs’ natural desire to chew while also helping prevent destructive behaviors and alleviate teething pains. But they should only be given as treats; swallowed pieces could pose risks.

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Rawhide chews pose not only a choking risk but can also result in intestinal blockages which require surgery for treatment.


They are a good source of protein

Rawhide treats for dogs can be long-lasting, nutritious and promote good dental health – yet some pets may experience adverse reactions such as choking or digestive issues depending on the chewing style of their owners. In addition, certain manufacturers use chemicals in manufacturing processes with different regulations applying in different countries.

Rawhide is made up of animal skins tanned with water and bleach or hydrogen peroxide and then dried before being smoked to add flavor. Unfortunately, intestinal blockages are the most likely side effect of eating rawhide; particularly if pieces break off during chewing and are not digested correctly.

To protect their safety, only give their pet rawhide chews from within the US. Also monitor them while they chew so you can take action if their jaw becomes too small to manage or they tear off pieces of the treat.

They are a good source of fat

Chewing on rawhides is an integral part of life for dogs, helping keep their teeth and jaws healthy, alleviating teething pain, and keeping them from chewing up valuable items around the house. Chewing also provides exercise and reduces stress – as well as potentially helping prevent tooth decay or tartar build-up!

Rawhides have the potential to cause blockages in the intestines of dogs who consume them whole, due to being difficult to digest and swelling up in their stomach, making poop difficult and prompting surgery in severe cases.

If you’re searching for an easier and healthier alternative to rawhide chews for your pet, frozen carrots or deer antlers might just be what the doctor ordered! Both treats offer low calories while stimulating both teeth and gums while providing an abundance of potassium, zinc and calcium!

They are a good source of fiber

Rawhide chews can help your dog fulfill his natural instinct to chew, helping strengthen jaws, keep teeth clean, and even improve breath. But, to keep their jaws strong and teeth clean while improving breath, chewing must be monitored closely so as to remove any pieces which pose a choking hazard or blockage risk. Also it would be prudent not to give traditional rawhide treats if there are gastrointestinal issues involved.

Rawhide, produced from cattle hide, contains numerous chemicals and can be difficult for dogs to digest; this may result in digestive upset in those with sensitive stomachs or allergies to certain substances. Luckily, there are alternatives that are both safer and more digestible; Better Belly test chews manufactured in the USA offer one such alternative with their unique manufacturing process making them more digestible than traditional rawhide chews.

They are a good source of calcium

Hyperactive dawgies often enjoy chewing rawhide bones, which have long been touted as a safe and low-cal way to clean teeth and entertain dogs. Unfortunately, however, large chunks may become lodged in their digestive system and become stuck within, potentially leading to emergency abdominal surgery if swallowed whole by their pet.

Rawhide can contain chemicals used in its cleaning and preservation process, as well as potentially splintering, making them hazardous for dogs with sharp teeth. Luckily, there are healthy alternatives to rawhide for puppies of all sizes and ages – deer or elk antlers may offer greater health benefits for your pup than rawhide; you might consider offering your pet deer or elk antlers instead, which offer more challenge while still offering various health advantages – these antlers contain calcium, potassium zinc manganese that help your pup live a longer, healthier life! Just make sure that when its size becomes small enough that its safe for swallow whole in order to safeguard its future use!