RAWZ Cat Food Review

RAWZ is a brand of natural pet food that uses only high-quality ingredients with no added fillers. Additionally, they donate funds to those in need.

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They offer raw cat foods and canned dog food, as well as freeze-dried recipes. Some of their dishes even feature game meats like rabbit or venison which may be more digestible for some cats.



RAWZ is a family-run business that utilizes natural ingredients in their pet foods. Additionally, they believe in giving back to pet parents and animals by donating all of their profits to charity.

Rawz cat food stands out due to the absence of carbohydrates, which are not part of a natural diet for dogs or cats. Furthermore, carbohydrates may contribute to unhealthy weight gain in some pets.

RAWZ forgoes the traditional dry food formula by opting for meat and fish as the primary sources of protein. This helps promote a healthy body weight and robust immune system without adding unnecessary fats or processed carbs that may lead to obesity in certain pets.


Rawz is a relatively new brand in the pet food industry, but they’re making waves nonetheless. As a family-run business, they use natural alternatives to highly processed ingredients and strive to give back to their community through their charitable fund.

They sell their foods through a select few pet stores, rather than big box chains or national chains. This keeps prices reasonable for customers while providing you with quality assurance you can count on.

RAWZ 96% Rabbit Pate Wet Cat Food is an ideal choice for cats of all ages. It’s high in protein and low in fat, plus there are no artificial colors or flavors added.

This wet cat food is an ideal option for all kinds of cats and can easily be found at your local pet store. Not only is it delicious, but also nutritious and easily digestible – making it a perfect choice even for pets with digestive issues or allergies.

Customer Service

Many customers who purchased RAWZ cat food were satisfied with the quality of their pet’s diet. Although some were disappointed that picky eaters didn’t enjoy it, most found it to be delicious and healthy for their furry friend.

RAWZ offers a great selection of food for both dogs and cats, including various dehydrated varieties as well as canned and wet pouches. With so many choices available, RAWZ truly caters to everyone’s dietary needs.

They offer a selection of high protein formulas designed to aid overweight pets in losing weight. These meals prioritize providing optimal protein nutrition while cutting back on unnecessary fat and carbohydrates.

RAWZ also promotes independent retailers by guaranteeing their products are sold only through small businesses that share their values. Their focus is to first help these stores expand, followed by the growth of the RAWZ brand.

Final Words

At the end of our RAWZ pet food review, we were thoroughly impressed by this company’s dedication to using only natural ingredients that are both tasty and easy on digestion. Because of this, we strongly suggest trying out their products before making a final decision about what type of food is best for your furry friend.

Family-run and operated, the business has been around for over 50 years. Not only are their patented natural ingredients world renowned, but they also boast an award-winning customer service team and an impressive record when it comes to product safety and recalls.

One of the most intriguing and enjoyable aspects of this company is their philanthropic efforts. Their foundation donates 100% of their profits (less taxes and reserves) to worthwhile causes like service dogs, spinal cord injury and brain injuries. In the world of pet products, companies with a social mission should always be taken into consideration. Jim Scott – its main man – uses his blog and in-store product demos to spread knowledge about optimal pet health care.