Red Hen Chicken Feed

red hen chicken feed

Red Hen Chicken Feed has been carefully designed for both breeding and laying poultry, providing all the essential vitamins and nutrients for maximum performance and hatchability.

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Hens consume an abundance of protein-rich food when they molt, in order to replenish their feathers and stay warm during a cold snap. They will also eat more in order to remain warm.


Red Hen Chick

Red Hen Chick is a high energy, premium quality poultry breeder and layer mix that has been developed specifically to support good egg production in laying birds. Containing all essential vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal egg production, it does not contain coccidiostat and should be fed to chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and other domestic fowl species.

Rhode Island Red hens are excellent egg layers, producing 5-6 large light brown eggs each week – that’s 300-400 eggs annually! Furthermore, this breed is extremely hardy, capable of withstanding extremes of both heat and cold.

Domestic chickens make fantastic backyard pets and love interacting with their owners. Talkative and kid-friendly, domestics tend to dominate meeker breeds when mixing together in the pecking order so care must be taken when mixing. Domestics make an excellent starting point for beginners looking to raise their own chickens as they don’t require extensive care or special feed – they do best in an unassuming coop equipped with nesting boxes where they can relax as well as a small garden where they can scratch around freely.

Red Hen 17

This high specification diet designed for laying poultry provides balanced nutritional elements essential for high rates of lay and large egg size production. Linoleic acid at 1.2% enhances yolk colour. Produced as no-grind crumble form to decrease selective feeding while giving hens large grain pieces they prefer; no fine grinding allows the gizzard to work harder at secreting enzymes for improved digestion.

Laucke Red Hen Layer feed is specially formulated to meet the breeding and laying poultry industry’s specific requirements, providing an exceptionally palatable diet designed to promote optimal health, performance and hatchability. Comprised of premium grains combined with essential nutrients like molasses and vegetable oil to form micro-pellets easily digestible by chickens of all ages; available in 20kg bags; it should always be fed free choice allowing chickens decide how much to eat; always provide fresh, clean water nearby at all times!

Red Hen Meat Bird

Red Hen Meat Bird diet is a high energy breeder and layer food designed to meet all classes of breeding and laying poultry’s nutritional requirements, including high levels of linoleic acid for enhanced egg size. Produced as a blend of grains (whole and rolled), micro pellets coated in vegetable oil and molasses as well as medication free diet options.

This diet can also be fed to game birds (pheasants, quail and guinea fowl) if supplemented with fine shell grit according to breed requirements. Free range chickens benefit greatly from being allowed access to this natural environment in which they can hunt down worms and bugs themselves.

This feed is produced using stringent grow-out standards to minimize the presence of harmful bacteria, including thorough wash downs between flocks, full traceability from laying hen to chick and constant monitoring of feed conversions. Though this feed doesn’t contain coccidiostat medication for protection against coccidiosis, such options are readily available through your veterinarian.

Red Hen Free Range Layer

Chickens consume an assortment of foods from seeds to insects, but their nutritional needs can best be fulfilled through layer feed with 16-18% protein content – recommended for laying hens to ensure maximum production and egg size.

Heritage breed hens and free-range chickens alike should have access to high quality, natural country farm style blends of grains that meet their nutritional requirements, such as heritage farm style blends. Some free-range chooks may meet some of their nutritional requirements through foraging; however, it should be understood that foraging should only be seen as an option rather than as a diet choice – these birds still require access to balanced layer feed for proper care and wellbeing.

Laying hens should have access to shell grit in order to digest their food efficiently, prevent degeneration in their gizzard, and strengthen egg shell strength. Furthermore, it provides medication and meat-free nutrition while remaining highly palatable as a layer food source.