Roadrunner Chicken Feed

Roadrunner chicken feed offers an economical and labor-saving way to cultivate healthy flocks of birds.

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These birds are omnivorous eaters that eat insects, lizards, reptiles, small mammals, seeds, fruits and prickly pear. Although rattlesnakes may occasionally make an appearance in their diets, they tend to beat them against rocks before devouring it.



Roadrunners are omnivorous creatures, so you can attract them to your yard by offering food. Provide insects, lizards, snakes, mice and small birds as snacks; provide shallow dishes of water; but be wary about giving human foods to these roadrunners as it could interfere with their natural diet and cause health issues.

Road runner chicken farming has quickly become one of the main businesses in Zimbabwe, and many farmers have successfully established sustainable enterprises that generate regular income and employment opportunities for themselves and others. Furthermore, indigenous chicken farming requires minimal start-up capital investment.

Farmers that raise chickens on free range often employ techniques like adding aloe vera and charcoal to the water they drink in order to promote health in their flocks, as well as treating with cow and elephant dung in order to avoid diseases like coccidiosis.


Roadrunner chicken farming can be an extremely healthy and lucrative enterprise that provides many Zimbabweans with an income. However, it’s essential to note that this form of poultry farming requires plenty of room for chickens to roam freely as well as providing them with appropriate feed.

Roadrunner chickens, indigenous breeds of this chicken breed, can be fed on various foods including kitchen waste, sorghum, rapoko and green vegetables. Lizards, reptiles and insects also enjoy feeding off of these delicious birds! While their meat contains ample nutrition it takes time for it to cook properly.

Roadrunner chicken is a favorite in many restaurants. Typically served with sorghum or millet pap (known as sadza in Shona) or rice mixed with peanut butter; it may also be added to vegetable soups and stews for an authentic flavor boost. Seasoned with paprika and garlic gloves for extra spice and taste, Roadrunner chicken also pairs perfectly with mashed potatoes as an easy side dish!

Stocking density

Road runner chickens are an attractive option for farmers as they scavenge for food and produce tougher meat than broilers, while being healthier overall. As consumers become increasingly health conscious, this trend could provide farmers an opportunity to expand production capacity.

Although free range farming provides numerous advantages, keeping birds safe from predators and diseases can be challenging. To mitigate this risk, farmers can add natural herbs like aloe vera, charcoal or fire ash into the chicken water supply; alternatively they could use cattle dung to prevent diseases like coccidiosis.

To maximize profits from chicken farming operations, farmers should establish their goals from the beginning and select an indigenous breed suited for their climate and local food supply – for instance sorghum pap (known in Zimbabwe as sadza), rapoko, green vegetables and insects are popular staples across rural parts of Zimbabwe.


Roadrunner chickens’ feeding practices are paramount to their health and longevity. For optimal results, using free-range methods with supplement feedings provides the optimal environment. This approach lowers costs while simultaneously improving quality meat products as well as decreasing risks related to disease or illness.

Monitor the physical presentation of ingredients in feed to ensure optimal chicken digestion. Smaller particles make for easier grasping by the chickens; however, extreme fine ingredients could interfere with feed granulometry and cause dispersion issues.

Indigenous (roadrunner) chicken farming is an economically viable venture that supports thousands of Zimbabweans, and with its low initial investment cost it makes the venture affordable for virtually any family. Furthermore, this eco-friendly alternative to conventional chicken farming uses less pesticides and chemicals; Roadrunner chickens provide greater nutrition while taking longer to cook than broiler poultry.