Royal Canin Aging Cat Food Review

royal canin aging cat food

Royal Canin canned formulas are specifically balanced to meet a cat’s nutritional requirements and instinctual preferences.

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Phosphate levels tailored for kidney health in older cats and high levels of essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA) provide support to joint health.

Loaf in sauce is gentler on senior cats’ teeth and gums due to its proven Macro Nutrient profile, which they instinctively prefer.


Royal Canin understands what cats need to stay healthy, and their expertise in formulating specialist health food has made them a leader in cat foods. Their Aging 12+ wet cat food offers special attention to joint and kidney health, digestion, as well as a reduced fat content to help you maintain an ideal weight.

Maintaining joint lubrication is essential for optimal mobility. You can promote physical activity through puzzle feeders, free feeding activities and other engaging activities.

You can supplement your cat’s diet with supplements to promote joint health and other issues. However, it’s essential to consult your veterinarian first before beginning to use a joint supplement for your pet.

This wet cat food is ideal for older cats who don’t enjoy dry food but still require extra protein in their diet. It provides taurine to support heart and eye health in older cats, plus antioxidants to promote overall wellbeing.


A nutritious diet rich in protein and fat is essential for healthy hair and skin. Without these vital nutrients, your coat may appear dull and dry.

Skin & Coat, available for both kittens and adult cats alike, helps promote healthy skin and a glossy coat. This formula has been specifically formulated with balanced nutrition plus extra additives to support your pet’s skin and hair health.

This food is high in protein and features salmon oil as its first ingredient. This provides your pet with DHA and omega fatty acids which will nourish their coat and skin.

This formula is low in carbohydrates, making it a great option for weight loss. L-carnitine and soluble fiber will help your cat’s metabolism burn fat instead of carbohydrates for energy production.

It is also a grain-free recipe, which may aid digestion for your feline friend. Furthermore, this low fat option makes it suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs.

If your budget allows it, this food is an ideal choice for improving your cat’s skin and coat. It has a high omega-6 to omega-3 ratio which promotes healthy coat growth, plus it contains chicken fat as an excellent source of arachidonic acid.


Royal Canin offers over one hundred varieties of pet food and is widely regarded for its superior quality ingredients and precise nutrition, developed through extensive research by veterinarians and nutritional specialists. Royal Canin products have earned themselves a place of honor in the pet food industry due to its commitment to customer satisfaction and excellent reviews from customers.

This canned cat food is specifically tailored for older cats’ needs. It offers support to aging kidneys with its controlled phosphorous content and joint health with glucosamine and chondroitin. Plus, it boasts omega-3 fatty acids as well as an impressive nutrient ratio to promote skin and coat health.

This food is free from fillers or artificial flavors and preservatives, and it contains high amounts of protein, fat, and DHA to support the health of your senior cat.

This cat food’s primary ingredient is chicken, a source of complete protein. Other key proteins in this formula include pork and chicken by-products, chicken liver, and salmon for additional nutritional benefit.

This recipe is part of Royal Canin’s Care line, which lies somewhere between a prescription veterinary diet and non-therapeutic nutrition. It helps your cat maintain urinary tract health by supporting mineral balance in their urine and encouraging them to drink more water.

The food may be more expensive than other products with similar ingredient lists, but this price point is justified by the company’s stellar reputation. Plus, it makes an ideal choice for pets with special needs or preferences.