Royal Canin Dog Food French Bulldog

Royal Canin dog food for French Bulldogs has been specially tailored to meet their specific dietary requirements. Packed with vitamin E to support immune health and skin conditions, and highly digestible protein to reduce gas and stool odor, its unique recipe meets every single one of these breed’s specific requirements.

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This diet features L-carnitine to enhance muscle growth and probiotics to mitigate intestinal fermentation. Furthermore, its small kibble size makes eating easier for Frenchies while encouraging chewing.



Royal Canin has developed this recipe specifically to meet the nutritional needs of French Bulldog puppies, providing specific breed nutrients to support growth and help prevent common health issues like excessive gas and diarrhea. Furthermore, this food features an innovative cashew nut-shaped kibble designed to fit their flat snout and under bite easily, making it easy for picking up and chewing. Furthermore, this food also contains highly digestible proteins, prebiotics for digestive health promotion, L-carnitine to promote muscle health maintenance as well as L-carnitine for muscle maintenance – perfect!

This food is specifically tailored for French Bulldog puppies ages 8 weeks to 12 months of age and made with hot extruded ingredients, eliminating antinutrients like peas or beans that can interfere with absorption of essential nutrients. Brewer’s rice, an ultra low glycemic index form of white rice that doesn’t increase blood sugar levels. Lamb meal, another high quality source of protein.


French Bulldogs have short muzzles and underbites, so their food should be easy for them to pick up and chew. This food was designed with that in mind and contains nutrients which promote muscle health, help alleviate flatulence and give your Frenchie a luxurious, lustrous coat.

This formula has been specifically tailored for Frenchies between 8 weeks and 12 months old as this is usually when they stop growing. Furthermore, its unique kibble shape makes consumption simpler for your pup.

Brewer’s rice, though not considered one of the more nutritious varieties, still makes for an excellent source of carbohydrates. Wheat gluten derived from wheat protein provides another good source of proteins while chicken fat offers additional fatty acid benefits.

Finally, this food includes various additional ingredients, including natural flavors and dried beet pulp. While these two extras might not provide as much nutritional benefit for your pet as its primary components, they could provide some added fiber benefits.


Royal Canin has designed its dog food to take into account the special characteristics of French Bulldogs when crafting its formulas, meeting their nutritional requirements from 8 weeks to 12 months and featuring an easy-grab kibble shape designed specifically to aid their eating habits.

This French Bulldog puppy food features an abundant protein content and is fortified with L-carnitine to aid your dog in building muscle mass and reduce intestinal fermentation that leads to gas and bad breath. Furthermore, natural prebiotic fiber and omega-6 fatty acids support digestion.

This food features high-quality protein sources from raw meats that help your French Bulldog build healthy muscles and produce beautiful coats, while giving them energy needed for an active life. Furthermore, its low carbohydrate levels and absence of fillers or additives makes this food particularly ideal. Plus it provides the right ratio of calcium/phosphorous that can prevent bone issues in French Bulldogs!


French Bulldogs are strong dogs with pointy bat ears and flat muzzles, so their growth formula must contain the appropriate balance of vitamins and nutrients to support their powerful muscles. Our dry puppy food for French Bulldog puppies was tailored specifically for pure breed French Bulldog puppies. Frenchies have short muzzles and underbites that make it easy for them to pick up and chew food, while its exclusive mix of antioxidants and vitamin E support their developing immune systems. Furthermore, its optimal protein content and L-carnitine help maintain compact muscle mass; and combined highly digestible proteins with precise fiber content and premium carb sources helps minimize gas and stool odor.

Royal Canin’s French Bulldog puppy food is designed for French Bulldog puppies 8 weeks to 12 months of age, although adults could still consume this food if desired. While adults could opt for Royal Canin’s adult Bulldog food instead, Royal Canin stands out by owning and operating its own facilities, making their product more reliable than many competitors and having had far fewer recalls than many competing pet foods.