Royal Canin Feline Review

royal canin feline

Royal Canin Feline cat food has been around for decades and comes highly recommended by veterinarians. Their dry and wet formulas have been developed through extensive research.

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Their wet food is especially popular for cats with urinary issues. It is designed for healthy adult cats and provides the ideal balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that ensures long-term palatability.



Royal Canin cat food is produced by a company renowned for their dedication to research and quality. Their mission is to help your pet live an abundant life of health and wellbeing, so they strive to develop foods tailored to each breed, size, lifestyle and health condition.

They use analytical testing in a food chemistry lab to guarantee their products are free of harmful microorganisms and heavy metals. This ensures your cat receives the precise nutrition they require for a healthy and long life.

Royal Canin feline is an exceptional dry cat food designed specifically for adult cats. Packed with tailored nutrition to support digestive sensitivities and give your cat a balanced diet, Royal Canin feline helps ensure that your furry friend stays healthy.

Nutritional value

Royal Canin Feline is a premium cat food brand that prioritizes your feline’s nutritional needs. Their formulas have been specially created by veterinarians and nutrition specialists to cater to each cat’s lifestyle, age and activity level.

Therefore, their products are carefully designed to deliver the right amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, fiber and prebiotics in every meal. Furthermore, they prioritize product safety by working closely with veterinarians and pet owners to guarantee that each recipe contains a complete balance of essential nutrients.

Mature cats face unique health concerns due to their extensive time spent sleeping, grooming and grazing. To prevent regurgitating hairballs, putting on extra weight or leaving unpleasant-smelling stool odor in their litter box, they need proper nutrition for optimum health.

Mature cats are particularly prone to urinary tract problems, so Royal Canin created a dry food with high phosphorus levels and added vitamin C and DHA for healthy kidney function. Furthermore, this formula includes an exclusive protein source to reduce the risk of urinary struvite crystals – a common cause of bladder stones – in your cat’s food.


Royal Canin Feline is a widely-acclaimed pet food brand that offers various products tailored to address specific health needs such as urinary tract health or digestive care.

Royal Canin feline has been around since 1968 and is a trusted name in pet nutrition. Their recipes are carefully created with scientific precision, taking into account each pet’s individual needs and requirements.

This company is a major player in the industry and has manufacturing facilities around the world. Their main headquarters are situated in Aimargues, France.

Though thousands of cats are happily fed these products without issue, some customers have reported their cats experiencing digestive distress after eating the foods. Although these reports are not definitive and the company hasn’t announced any official investigations yet, the sheer volume of complaints warrants attention.

Customer reviews

Royal Canin is a trusted pet food company that creates health-focused recipes. Veterinarians often recommend their product for its ability to reduce various illnesses in dogs and cats.

The company offers a wide range of products tailored to breed and life stage needs.

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Royal Canin Feline Nutrition Intense Beauty dry cat food is designed with a special blend of nutrients that promote healthy skin and coat. Plus, it includes Omega fatty acids, vitamins, and zinc for overall support of your cat’s wellbeing.

Royal Canin offers a sensitive tummy dry cat food specifically designed to aid with digestion issues. This food is packed with prebiotics and highly digestible proteins to promote an balanced intestinal tract, and has even been scientifically proven to reduce stool production.