Royal Canin Hepatic Review

The liver serves many essential biochemical processes, such as protein synthesis, digestion and metabolism, drug metabolism and blood clotting, vitamin production and vitamin storage. Unfortunately, when diseased, its performance may become impaired and these vital tasks become compromised.

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Royal Canin Hepatic Dog Food is an easily digested diet designed to address hepatic encephalopathy with reduced copper levels and higher energy content for decreased meal volume and intestinal load.


What is Royal Canin Hepatic Dog Food?

Royal Canin is a company that manufactures this food. Their Breed Health Nutrition range features recipes tailored specifically for certain breed sizes while their Size Health Nutrition sub-brand offers diets designed to treat or prevent specific health conditions.

This Hepatic Veterinary Diet formula is designed to support liver health in dogs suffering from chronic liver insufficiency or disease, by providing highly digestible protein sourced from vegetables with reduced copper to prevent build-up in liver cells. Furthermore, its higher energy content helps decrease meal volume and intestinal load.

There are few diets designed specifically to aid dogs suffering from liver disease, and beyond Hill’s Prescription Diet l/d Liver Care there are very few other dedicated hepatic diets on the market. Most other hepatic diets consist of various kibble and puree combinations you mix for their meal, rather than anything dedicated to liver support.

What Causes Liver Disease in Dogs?

The liver plays an invaluable role, filtering toxins out of our bloodstream while also providing essential vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, its incredible work may become compromised at any point; liver disease can often develop over time or appear suddenly and without warning.

Signs of liver dysfunction include digestive issues like loss of appetite, vomiting or diarrhea. More serious symptoms include fluid retention in the abdomen known as ascites as well as seizures or confusion due to an overload of toxins reaching the brain.

Many cases of liver disease can be reversed if addressed quickly and at its source. Treatment options that support liver function such as medication, diet modification and fluid therapy may all prove helpful in relieving symptoms; however, for pets suffering from severe or long-term liver issues their prognosis remains uncertain.

How Does Royal Canin Hepatic Dog Food Help?

Royal Canin Hepatic dog food was specifically developed to support dogs who suffer from liver issues like chronic hepatitis, portosystemic shunt, hepatic encephalopathy and copper metabolism disorders. The food provides more protein than typical dog foods while providing essential antioxidants which will protect any remaining liver cells that might exist.

Food specifically tailored for liver disease should also be highly palatable and digestible to combat appetite loss caused by disease progression. Low copper consumption reduces stress on liver function while high energy content helps combat weight loss.

As part of their diet, this cat requires water and wheat gluten for protein sources. Next are pork by-products which consist of any parts not used for meat or fat products from pigs.

Is Royal Canin Hepatic Dog Food Good for My Dog?

Royal Canin Hepatic dog food is specially formulated to support liver health for dogs diagnosed with liver disease or insufficiency. The food contains limited levels of copper to limit build-up in the liver, as well as high concentrations of highly digestible vegetable protein that are both soluble and highly palatable.

This diet has been specially developed to be highly palatable and easily digestible, to attract even picky eaters. With only 14 percent protein content – so not overloading liver capacity with too many proteins – and having higher energy content, it reduces meal volume and intestinal load.

Royal Canin Hepatic dog food is produced in facilities owned by the company, so you can trust that it meets their high standards of production. Because this diet is intended to support your veterinarian’s recommendation, only feed it to your pet on his/her advice.

Is Royal Canin Hepatic Dog Food Better than Hill’s Prescription Diet l/d Liver Care Dog Food?

Contrary to most pet foods, this veterinary diet must be obtained with a valid valid veterinarian prescription. Formulated specifically to meet the nutritional needs of dogs suffering from liver disease such as hepatitis and hepatic encephalopathy, its tailored protein levels help preserve lean muscle mass while decreasing tissue catabolic liberation of ammonia; its low copper levels minimise accumulation in liver cells.

This food is highly palatable and digestible, helping your pet’s appetite. Copper content has been limited as this formula assists in nutritional management of liver disease in dogs.

Royal Canin food is produced at their facilities using nitrogen flushing to preserve freshness. Sizes are tailored specifically to each breed.