Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein Dog Food Review

Royal Canin hydrolyzed protein dog food is designed to alleviate itching, hair loss and other allergy-related symptoms in your pup. The formula features hydrolyzed proteins which have been broken down into smaller fragments that cannot be recognized by an immune system.

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Brewer’s rice is the foundation of this dish, serving as an economical source of carbohydrates and providing essential energy.



Royal Canin offers several formulations of dog food, such as their hydrolyzed protein diet. Ideally suited for dogs with severe health issues and usually prescribed by their veterinarian, this formula features hydrolyzed protein that breaks proteins apart into smaller fragments that less likely to trigger an immune response, prebiotics and fiber blends to promote digestion, prebiotics that strengthen gut microflora, prebiotics for immune support and prebiotics to support digestion – ideal choices for those dogs suffering from inflammatory bowel disease caused by reactions to specific foods.

Food made with low-fat ingredients and designed to be highly palatable is highly sought after, featuring both dry and wet versions with its signature savory taste. Omega-3 fatty acids and DHA provide healthy skin support. Production takes place at company facilities located in Missouri and South Dakota so all aspects of production can be managed under strict safety guidelines, while no artificial flavors or colors are added during its creation.


Royal Canin veterinary diets tend to be more costly than other dog foods, yet often contain higher-grade ingredients and come from reliable suppliers with long-term contracts. Furthermore, this company conducts end-to-end quality tests on every batch produced to ensure safety requirements are met and also avoid artificial additives in prescription diets.

Food designed specifically to meet the dietary requirements of small breed dogs has been specifically formulated. This food includes brewer’s rice which can easily be digested by dogs without causing an allergic reaction; plus it includes both insoluble and soluble fibers that improve digestion, helping reduce diarrhea and gas.

Food high in protein helps strengthen natural skin barriers and promote a healthy coat, as well as contain omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins to support digestive function and skin health. Kibble made with high-quality proteins is highly palatable – essential for dogs with food sensitivities; plus there’s dry formulas as well as canned options available!

Nutritional value

Royal Canin hydrolyzed protein dog food is a high-quality food specially formulated to aid dogs with allergies. This premium-quality formula includes hydrolyzed proteins broken into smaller fragments that reduce their potential to trigger allergic reactions in sensitive dogs, prebiotics and other nutrients to aid digestion, as well as small breed-specific kibble sizes designed to promote chewing thoroughly – helping prevent tartar build-up.

Brewer’s rice provides carbohydrates necessary to maintaining pet health, as well as essential minerals like magnesium, vitamin B6, calcium, potassium and protein. Additionally, this formula includes additional essential ingredients such as magnesium, vitamin B6 calcium potassium and protein.

Hydrolyzed soy protein is a plant-based alternative to meat proteins, and most dogs can digest both equally well. Some dogs may experience sensitivities to these plant proteins; soy protein in this product has been treated to remove allergens that could trigger an adverse reaction.


Royal Canin is known for offering high-quality veterinary diets designed to address specific health concerns in dogs. Their hypoallergenic food, for instance, is ideal for pets who exhibit food allergies or sensitivities to proteins which lead to skin allergies or digestive upset and other issues. Unfortunately, not every dog requires this specific food and its costs can add up quickly; more cost-effective solutions exist if other pets do not require one such as hypoallergenic diet.

Hydrolyzed soybean protein is the main component in this recipe, as its structural proteins have been disassembled so as not to trigger allergies in pets. Other ingredients include chicken fat, rice and natural flavors for an attractive presentation. Royal Canin is committed to using only ingredients sourced from US plants assuring quality and safety with each food product they produce.