Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Puppy Food

royal canin labrador

Royal Canin’s exclusive breed-specific diet for purebred yellow and chocolate lab puppies meets these nutritional requirements and promotes optimal stool quality while helping develop immunity systems in puppies.

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This food provides easily digestible ingredients such as chicken by-product meal and brewers rice, as well as special kibble designed to encourage slow eating to decrease digestion issues. Furthermore, glucosamine and chondroitin supplements are included to promote joint health.


High-quality protein

Protein is an essential nutrient for building and sustaining muscle tissue, providing energy needed for physical performance, and producing essential metabolites, like carbohydrates and fats. High-quality proteins contain all of these essential amino acids in abundance.

High-quality proteins come from animal sources and contain all of the essential amino acids (EAAs) required by our bodies for proper functioning. They’re easily digested in both our stomachs and small intestines for rapid absorption into our systems.

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Puppy Dry Dog Food has been specifically tailored to meet the dietary requirements of large breed puppies. Packed with balanced protein, chicken fat and carb content to promote optimal growth and weight management; prebiotics, niacin supplement and psyllium seed husk to support digestive health are also included to promote optimal intestinal flora balance.

Easy-to-digest ingredients

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Puppy Food is a premium puppy formula that contains glucosamine and chondroitin to maintain cartilage elasticity, along with prebiotics and psyllium seed husk for healthy digestive tract bacteria, vitamins A & B supplementation, omega-fatty acids to prevent dry skin issues, as well as omega fatty acids for skin maintenance.

It has been specifically tailored for large breed puppies like Labrador Retrievers, offering balanced energy content to help build strong immune systems while supporting weight management. Furthermore, its slow eating kibble helps minimize digestive issues.

This food is designed specifically for Labrador Retrievers and includes ingredients that are easy to digest such as chicken by-product meal and brewers rice, which provide ample protein sources rich in essential amino acids. Furthermore, folic acid plays an integral part in supporting their development.

Promotes optimal stool quality

Royal Canin is committed to meeting the nutritional needs of dogs of every size, breed, life stage and breed imaginable, with research-backed nutrition and breed-specific formulas always coming first. Royal Canin pellet adult dog food makes an irresistibly delectable meal choice for adult Beagles with its delicious meat flavoured diet tailored specifically for Beagles’ specific nutritional requirements – which also supports optimal digestion and an immune system healthy lifestyle!

Food designed specifically for Labrador retrievers in their later years. It features an appropriate calorie content to achieve ideal body weight maintenance and an L-carnitine supplement to encourage muscle health. Furthermore, its unique kibble shape and texture help quick eaters slow down and chew more thoroughly. Plus collagen, EPA/DHA as well as an exclusive combination of antioxidants are included to promote healthy aging.

Supports immune system development

Royal Canin Labrador adult food has been designed specifically to support this breed’s active lifestyle, with tailored calorie consumption and special blends of antioxidants, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA/DHA to nourish both their skin and coat.

Puppies are energetic little learners that require energy to run and play, yet overfeeding can lead to weight gain. Royal Canin Labrador puppy food provides complete and balanced nutrition to support your purebred’s health and development, featuring unique donut-shaped kibble that encourages fast eaters to slow down and chew properly – plus, its formula has optimal ingredients that support stool quality and immune system development.