Royal Canin Prescription Dog Food

Royal Canin is a French company offering “precise, effective nutrition”, owned by Mars Petcare and subject to numerous recalls in recent times.

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Under their Veterinary Diets section, they offer various formulas designed to assist dogs with specific medical conditions or breed-specific health needs. Some are even specially tailored for breed health issues.


Hydrolyzed Protein Diet

Hydrolyzed protein diets offer relief to pets with food allergies, gastrointestinal diseases and skin conditions. Hydrolysis breaks down proteins into smaller pieces that the immune system doesn’t recognize – meaning their bodies won’t produce inflammatory symptoms like itchy skin, diarrhea or vomiting as would typically occur with normal proteins.

These diets must first be approved by your veterinarian, and used either during a food trial period of six to 12 weeks or to treat an existing medical condition.

Hydrolysed recipes contain common proteins such as chicken liver, salmon, soy and brewers rice that have been processed through hydrolysis to reduce their chances of triggering an immune response and provide more balanced nutrition than a typical food source. They’re also easier for digesting and offer greater balance than their traditional counterparts – though this type of diet may be expensive so it is wise to ask your veterinarian about manufacturer coupons or any cost-cutting solutions before proceeding with it.


Royal Canin Urinary SO is a prescription diet specifically formulated to support your dog’s urinary health. This food works to dilute minerals that cause crystals and stones, thereby decreasing your pet’s risk of bladder issues. Furthermore, its lower magnesium level helps prevent struvite and calcium oxalate stones from forming.

This diet works by increasing the volume of urine your pet produces, diluting excess minerals that could contribute to crystal formation or stone formation. Furthermore, relative super saturation techniques reduce ions concentration that contribute to stone formation.

Royal Canin’s wet food products come in both dry and canned formats, offering moderate caloric intake to support weight management – important for pets with urinary health concerns. Produced at various production facilities worldwide such as South America and Africa. Given its higher moisture content, your pet may drink less water due to this food’s higher moisture levels, so ensure access to fresh, clean water at all times.

Gastrointestinal Diet

Your pet may require a specialized diet during a gastrointestinal health emergency such as vomiting or diarrhea, to ensure their digestive tract can extract all necessary nutrients to support their body. Such prescription diets can either be short-term for acute illnesses or longer-term in more chronic cases.

Your veterinarian will give advice about which food is appropriate for your dog or cat. They may suggest an easily digestible prescription diet; dogs with digestive disorders need to avoid foods high in fatty content that could trigger pancreatitis attacks.

Royal Canin offers a selection of gastrointestinal diets designed to aid your pet in recovering from an upset stomach, including low-residue diets containing beet pulp fiber and fructooligosaccharides that are easily absorbed through the intestinal tract and processed by gut bacteria for healthy digestion, as well as diets with reduced omega-6 to omega-3 ratios that prevent inflammation in their GI tract.

Ultamino Diet

Ultamino is a prescription diet recommended by veterinarians for pets with food sensitivities. This diet features hydrolyzed protein that has been broken down into amino acids to minimize allergic reactions, along with unique blend of ingredients designed to promote digestive health. For best results, new food should be gradually introduced over seven days in order to prevent digestive upset and ensure optimal results.

This recipe for veterinary diets is hot extruded, meaning it is made using extreme heat and pressure. Additionally, this dish includes 32 synthetic additives, 1 antinutrient Soybean Oil, as well as several suspect ingredients like Natural Flavors and Powdered Cellulose.

Veterinarians specialize in evaluating your pet’s individual needs and it is best to work together with them in finding a diet tailored specifically to his or her condition. Hydrolyzed options may offer more advanced protein digestibility; be sure to make a decision that meets these specific requirements when making this choice; this diet can be found from a reputable veterinarian.