Royal Canin Pug Adult

royal canin pug

Complete feed for adult and mature pugs over 10 months Pug Adult is designed specifically to provide adult pugs with balanced nutrition in an easy to pick-up, chew-friendly form. The unique design makes picking it up easier while encouraging chewing!

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Essential nutrients like EPA and DHA support the skin and coat health, while precise protein levels with added L-carnitine help maintain muscular body development in pugs.


Pug Puppy

The pug is a small breed of dog best known for its signature wrinkled face, short muzzle and curled tail. Originating in China with royal families throughout history.

These dogs make wonderful additions to any household, from single people, couples and families of any size. These playful companions love playing and spending time with their humans while not needing as much exercise. This makes them ideal for single people living alone as well as groups such as sports teams that train regularly.

These dogs are typically easy to train and strive to please their owners, so harsh training methods should be avoided as this could cause stress or lead to frustration. These dogs tend to get hot easily and should take breaks with plenty of water during walks or playtime. Their short nasal passages often present breathing and airway obstruction issues; keeping these areas clean helps mitigate these problems; additionally, floppy ears make excellent hiding places for infections, so pet parents should regularly inspect these spots.

Pug Adult

Pugs are well-mannered little dogs with lots of personality, making them popular choices among families with young children. Additionally, these sturdy creatures adapt easily to various living arrangements; indeed they love being around people!

Short coats (black or fawn), small snouts, and adorable wrinkled faces make these dogs an absolute treat to look at! With minimal exercise requirements and grooming needs necessary to remain looking their best, they require only minimal upkeep from owners in order to keep looking their best.

Pugs are known to develop skin issues, so pet parents should regularly clean facial wrinkles and around their genital area to reduce any risks of infection such as wax build-up or reddening in their ears. Ear infections should be checked for, including wax build-up and reddening or even smell. Pugs may also experience heat stress; in these instances it’s wise to limit activity during hot spells in favor of early morning and evening walks when temperatures are more suitable for walking them. Finally, these dogs tend to love food, so be mindful when monitoring their calorie consumption!

Pug Senior

Intelligence, charm and dignity – these traits define pugs’ unique personality. However, their needs must also be fulfilled for optimal health and happiness in their lifetime.

ROYAL CANIN(r) Pug Adult Food offers tailored nutrition for your purebred. With small, easy-to-grasp granules designed specifically to suit their flat muzzle, ROYAL CANIN’s Pug Adult food provides tailor made nutrition tailored specifically for them. Packed full of antioxidants to support strong immune systems; essential fatty acids from fish oil and borage oil help support a healthy skin barrier while high quality L.I.P proteins maintain an ideal weight and muscle tone

Once your Pug reaches what vets refer to as senior age, he needs extra TLC. As they slow down and need you more than ever before. Regular checkups should include blood work and physical exams to provide proper geriatric screenings and exams.

Pug Brachycephalic Jaw

Brachycephalic breeds such as Pugs and French Bulldogs are growing increasingly popular. Their cute faces have won them an army of followers; however, these flat-faced dogs may be susceptible to various health problems including breathing difficulties.

Shortened upper jaws limit the space within their mouths and increase the risk of food becoming lodged between their teeth, increasing food debris buildup. Their long palate also narrows airway size and pressure on their throat causing an increase in pressure which over time leads to chronically blocked airway (brachycephalic airway obstruction syndrome, or BAOS), resulting in discomfort and difficulty breathing.

BAOS is believed to be an inherited condition and does not vary depending on the size of a dog’s breed, although pugs in particular are frequently affected. Nearly all pugs suffer some degree of BAOS symptoms, though severity varies depending on severity of clinical signs and surgical intervention may improve outcomes significantly; vaccination, controlled exercise regime and healthy diet also aid recovery[2]