Royal Canin Renal Feline Veterinary Diet

royal canin renal feline

Whether your cat is young or old, if they are in good health or have a chronic disease, there is a Royal Canin Veterinary Diet for renal feline that is right for them. This veterinary-approved food is formulated with the optimal palatability and aromatic profile for your feline. It provides highly digestible protein and low phosphorous, and is designed to help overcome food aversions.

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Low phosphorous

Using a low phosphorous diet is important for cats with kidney problems. This will reduce the workload on the kidneys and will help your cat feel better. In addition, it will slow the progression of kidney disease.

The International Renal Interest Society (IRIS) has developed guidelines for phosphorus management for patients with renal disease. Phosphorus should be reduced to less than 1.5 g/1000 kcal. A phosphorus-binding agent should also be used.

There are several prescription veterinary diets that contain phosphorus that is lower than the recommended amount. These diets are usually alkaline and contain B vitamins. These diets are also often recommended for cats with CKD.

The Royal Canin kidney diet is available in a variety of forms. It is available as a dry, wet, or morsel form. It is a tasty diet that is designed to promote kidney health and boost energy.

Highly digestible protein

Providing a highly digestible protein for cats with kidney disease is a key component of feeding your cat well. Not only does it help to keep the cat healthy, but it is also easier on the kidneys.

Aside from protein, other key nutrients to consider in providing your cat with a high quality diet include antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. These nutrients have been shown to reduce inflammation and support the whole cat.

Royal Canin has a variety of renal foods available for cats. These include a wet food and dry food. The dry food is available in a variety of flavors, and is available in a variety of kibble shapes.

If your cat prefers dry food, there are also several options available from Hill’s. Their Prescription Diet Mobility Care chicken dry food is great for cats who don’t like dry kibbles. They also make a variety of canned foods.

Formulated with optimal palatability and aromatic profile

Unlike other cat foods, Royal Canin renal feline is formulated with optimal palatability and aromatic profile. In fact, the Royal Canin Renal Special Feline kibble is specifically designed to stimulate your cat’s appetite. It also has a low phosphorus content, which is a big deal for a feline with kidney disease. It also has a unique kibble shape and size.

Royal Canin’s renal feline diet is a great way to entice a cat with kidney disease to eat. It is also designed to promote digestion and help protect the entire urinary tract.

The Royal Canin Renal Special kibble contains antioxidants, a quality source of chondroitin and a low phosphorus content. It also has a phosphate binder, Ipakitine, which helps excrete phosphate in the feces rather than urine.

Helps overcome food aversion

Using a Royal Canin veterinary diet feline renal support cat food is a good way to help your cat recover from its kidney disease or renal failure. The main reason for this is the fact that a wet diet encourages water intake, and thus correcting dehydration is a vital objective in the management of renal failure.

Royal Canin has produced a number of top-notch veterinary diet feline renal support cat food products. They are manufactured in Brazil and Missouri. The company’s main headquarters is located in Aimargues, Gard in France. These cat foods are made using ingredients from a plethora of sources, including the US, Australia and France. The main product is the flagship Royal Canin cat food named CAT FELIX.

The company’s feline renal support cat food is designed for cats in the early stages of kidney disease. This means that it has a low level of calcium, which is important in managing renal ocular hypertension.

Recall history

Among the many pet food brands that have been recalled is Royal Canin, which has been involved in at least three recalls in the past ten years. These recalls were due to the presence of melamine, which is a chemical used in fertilizers and as a flame retardant. Melamine is an ingredient in several foods, including SmartPak and Natural Balance. It is a substance that can be found in foods that have a high content of protein.

Melamine has been found in several other pet food products, including some manufactured by Menu Foods. It is believed to have caused the death of several cats and dogs. However, the exact number of affected pets is unknown. Many sources suggest that the toll could be much higher.